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synsoacc.dll could not be located on the system

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An issue that was recently found in eLicenser Control versions starting with
When this or a later eLicenser Control installer is installed on a 64-bit Windows system, non-admin users (user type "Standard user") cannot start a protected 64-bit application due to missing access permissions for the file synsoacc.dll.
This results in error messages like "synsoacc.dll could not be located on the system" or "synsoacc.dll does not have the expected interface".

We are working on an update of the installer fixing this issue and expect to release it around the end of the month.
Until then, the following measure can be used to solve the issue:
Manually grant "read" and "read+execute" permissions for group "users" on file "C:\Windows\System32\synsoacc.dll".

Alternatively, de-install the current eLicenser Control using Windows' "Add or remove programs feature" and install an installer from the 6.5.x line.
The latest installer of this line,, can be downloaded from


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