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Arturia synths as EFX in Live or Cubase ?

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To use the Arturia synths EFX plugins inside within the Live! or Cubase SX sequencers (except the ProphetV and the Jupiter-8V) follow this procedure :

Let's take an example with the Mini V:

  1.  Drag and drop the "mini V efx" within the dedicated fx plugins area of an audio track (or instrument track as well)
  2. Open the Mini V interface and go to the mixer section. turn off the 2 VCO's if their are working.
  3. Click 2 times on the "External Input" switch (below to the VCO 1's volume) and increase the volume.
  4. Play your sequence and hold a key on the Mini V. Sound of your sequence will go thru the Mini V synthesis line.
  5. If you wish to have an holded note, completely raise the VCA's enveloppe's Decay.


Here is another example with the Modular V within Logic:

  1. Instantiate your favorite synthesizer in an Instrument track
  2. In the "Inserts" slot, instantiate the Modular V
  3. Load any preset, for instance All > 2.0_modules > Phazer
  4. Connect the "Ext Left" to the Filter 1 "In"
  5. Raise the VCA1 Release to the maximum ("Note Hold")
  6. Press a key on the Modular V virtual keyboard to permanently trig the VCA
  7. Play your synthesizer and listen it fulfilling through your favorite modular monster


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