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Arturia synths as EFX in Live or Cubase ?

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[English version only]

To use the Arturia synths EFX plugins inside within the Live! or Cubase SX sequencers (except the ProphetV and the Jupiter-8V) follow this procedure :

Let's take an example with the Mini V:

  1. Drag and drop the "mini V efx" within the dedicated fx plugins area of an audio track (or instrument track as well)
  2. Open the Mini V interface and go to the mixer section. turn off the 2 VCO's if their are working.
  3. Click 2 times on the "External Input" switch (below to the VCO 1's volume) and increase the volume.
  4. Play your sequence and hold a key on the Mini V. Sound of your sequence will go thru the Mini synthesis line.
  5. If you wish to have an holded note, completely raise the VCA's enveloppe's Decay.


Here is another example with the Modular V within Logic:

  1. Instantiate your favorite synthesizer in an Instrument track
  2. In the "Inserts" slot, instantiate the Modular V
  3. Load any preset, for instance All > 2.0_modules > Phazer
  4. Connect the "Ext Left" to the Filter 1 "In"
  5. Raise the VCA1 Release to the maximum ("Note Hold")
  6. Press a key on the Modular V virtual keyboard to permanently trig the VCA
  7. Play your synthesizer and listen it fulfilling through your favorite modular monster


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