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Hi Joeshiner the beatstep is usb power and the usb is it midi in so if you want to use it with the MX49 you have to use the midi out of beatstep into the midid in of your MX49 or what ever you devices you want to control  but you must have the beatstep plug in to either a usb port on your computer an ipad or a ac to usb adapter to your mains to power it hope that helps regards dog01
I've just bought the Arturia BeatStep, intending to use it primarily with my Yamaha MX49.  But when I got it home and hooked it up, nothing happened at all - no lights, no operation, nothing.  I had hooked it up with the 7 inch (approx.) long dongle that's miniplug on one end (to go into the BeatStep "MIDI out") and MIDI female plug on the other end, and plugged a MIDI cord into the MIDI end of the dongle and the other end into the "MIDI in" on the MX49.  WIth that having produced nothing, I tried hooking up the USB cord (supplied with BeatStep) from the mini-USB socket on the BeatStep, and plugged the other end into the USB "To Device" socket on the MX49 (not that that would make sense), in case the BS needed to be powered via USB, and all hecka lights when on and off all over the BS, but the screen on the MX49 said "Incompatible USB device."  And, of course, no sound or operation.  What's happening?  Am I missing something?  By far, most of my other synths are quite old, whereas the MX49 is brand-new, so I'm more expecting *them* not to work with the BS instead of my new MX49 - my only other relatively new synth is the Novation Xio 25, which only has MIDI out (a poor design decision, IMO, but irrelevant here).  I will try my Karma, E4K/eSynth, and Ensoniq SDP-1, but really want the MX49 to work with the BS!  Can anyone help?
Origin / Origins sound
« Last post by emilshere on Today at 12:35:03 am »
The problem is that the origin simply doesn't sound as good as arturias software equivalents. It is not inspiring at all, and the polyphony makes it impossible to program a complicated patch and be able to play anything greater than one or two notes at a time. IM getting rid of mine. Does anyone else feel this way?
KeyLab Presets Zone / Volume of keys uneven!
« Last post by Amalgamoth on August 29, 2014, 11:38:14 pm »
The Modular V plug-in has a fantastic preset called Rock Bottom. Love it! Problem: While recording
(I do this in Garageband) the volume is very uneven. Despite pressing keys at an equal strength, a tone may come through significantly louder at one instance then another, and no matter how careful I play, it seems not possible to get a part that has a nice, even volume range throughout (without tones that are suddenly jumping above the rest, whereas they really shouldn't). It's a bit like
wrITing a SenTEncE thiS waY.

I experimented with keyboard sensitivity settings in Garageband, but that doesn't solve it. Are there specific settings somewhere in Analog Lab to sort this out?
Oberheim SEM V Technical Issues / Oberheim SEM V - should be 64 bit, is 32???
« Last post by EricDeluxe on August 29, 2014, 09:47:27 pm »

I got the V Collection 3. According to the spec. SEM V should be in 64 bit.
I use Windows 8.1 x64.

When opening SEM V and looking in the "About" info it states 32 bit. Find this a bit strange... I can't see to find the 64 bit program on the computer either... I know I installed them both

Any ideas.?
BeatStep / Clarification on Beatstep question about glide between steps
« Last post by Tweekhead on August 29, 2014, 07:57:54 pm »

This may have been covered already, but I have to leave for work...
I'm just wondering if the issue is software that could be upgraded via firmware, or hardware? Will they be releasing a Beatstep MKII?
I love the unit as is, but would love to have this functionality.

This was the reply from Artuia support:

Hi Arthur,
First, it is not possible for the moment to give a specific characteristic on 1 single note as you expected.
We are working on a new version in order to provide this possibility.
Please accept all apologies for the temporary inconvenience caused.
Feel free to come back to me if still any problem or misunderstanding.
Yours cordially,
Registration and Activation inquiry
Origin Technical Issues / Re: Origin KB as MIDI controller
« Last post by emilshere on August 29, 2014, 06:36:17 pm »
I'm having the same issue. Phillipe, please address this. I spent three thousand dollars on a machine that cannot send midi correctly? This is just not acceptable. I need to control my ipad synths and I am also getting stuck notes. Thanks.
MiniLab / Good bye, MiniLab!
« Last post by berto1954 on August 29, 2014, 06:10:04 pm »
I've had my MiniLab for more than a year now, and the longer I have it, the worse it gets. I've used it with Logic 9 on a MacBook Pro (OS 10.9)The knobs NEVER worked on anything other than the stand-alone Analog Lab software. They were totally useless in Logic.  But at least the keyboard worked OK--for a while. Now I get stuck notes constantly (sometimes the very first note I play sticks).   I have hooked up other controllers to my computer and I didn't have this problem; only with the MiniLab. Installing the latest firmware had no effect whatsoever--the thing still doesn't work properly. It  is now just taking up space in my studio, so today I will be going to the music store to find a different keyboard controller and the MiniLab will be relegated to the same dark, dusty corner of my basement as my M-Audio Axiom keyboard that stopped working about a week after the warranty expired.

I have always liked Arturia's software instruments and I will continue to use them extensively in my music, but based on my experience with the MiniLab, I don't think I'll be acquiring any of their hardware any time in the future.

I don't make a lot of money, so something that I spent $100 on being relegated to the junk pile is a bit much to take. In any case,  good bye, MiniLab. Next stop: the Goodwill donation center.
KeyLab / Re: Programming Bank 2
« Last post by MH77 on August 29, 2014, 05:07:17 pm »
Hello Terrym,

thanks for your answer.
Im looking for a the possibility to get a visual feedback of the second bank in the analog lab software.
It cant be a great problem today, to work with multiple pages like the NI Kore, Novation Zero SL or a lot
of other controller systems.
Ive asked the answer.
Do you have any clue?

Regards MH
Spark Technical Issues / Can't find Spark Le Private Ports in Cubase LE 6
« Last post by XIII on August 29, 2014, 03:00:08 pm »
So SparkLE gave me this message when I tried to connect it with Cubase.

"You need to turn off some MIDI connections in your sequencer software. Please go to your sequencer's MIDI settings and turn off 'Spark Private In' and 'Spark Private Out'"

Program recognizes SparkLE (levels go up when loop plays at SparkLE), but I can't record. When I go to MIDI Port Setup private ports are not there.
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