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MiniLab / Can't Save Chords in Analog Lab
« Last post by canonicalensemble on Today at 01:47:18 pm »

In Analog Lab, I assign new chords to different pads however as soon as I change the preset the chords turn back to default values. Is there a way to save different chords for each preset or save same chords globally? I tried using MIDI Control Center to change the note settings of each pad (1-8) however still could not get what I want.
General Discussion on BeatStep / Re: Drum Sequencer Mode
« Last post by Atarikid on Today at 12:41:49 pm »
This would be a fantastic thing for a further hardware-machine... the ARTURIA DRUMSEQUENCER... 3 midi-outs, 128 patterns, 20 songs, accent.. :)... Maybe a few trigger-outs and of course...XoX-programming, variatons, A/B...and and and.. :)

i have a bunch of old drumsynths, they want to be triggered by a machine like this....
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Modulation Wheel
« Last post by ghostly606 on Today at 12:35:09 pm »
I updated the firmware then ran the calibration software and this fixed my pitchwheel problem (dropping 2 semi tones when shifting the pitch upwards).

Now however, my sequencer doesn't work...  ???

EDIT - Oops, just spotted the thread below, amending the the software fixed this, thanks!
General Discussion on BeatStep / Re: Who wants a Beatstep XL/Pro?
« Last post by Atarikid on Today at 12:33:52 pm »

I would pay a bit more for a pro version of the beatstep (i really love). Midi-in and more CV-Outs would be fantastic. Tab Tempo 4tw!

MicroBrute / Re: how to programme knobs and fader in logic
« Last post by Bacon on Today at 11:27:05 am »
As I tried to explain in your other post, the knobs and faders cannot send anything to Logic or any other program and you can't do anything to change that. They only control the electronics inside the synth and are used to modify the sound coming out of the synth.
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: How to set up microbrute
« Last post by Bacon on Today at 11:19:33 am »
The analog sound generating circuits is the electronics inside the Microbrute that produces the sound. It is already connected. As I said, read the manual that came with the synth. Everything is explained there very clearly.

Really, you should read the manual before starting to ask questions on the forum about the most basic things of the synth.

But I'll give you some brief help: connect your headphones to the headphone out on the Microbrute (or connect a 1/4'' instrument cable from the line out on the Microbrute to an amplifier or an input on your soundcard). Turn up the volume on the Microbrute, press down and hold a key, turn up the level of one of the waveforms (I suggest the Saw for the most basic synth sound), set the filter to LP, and turn the Cutoff knob fully clockwise. You should now hear a sound.

Now, again, go read the manual.

And please don't spam all the subforums with the same or almost the same question.
KeyLab / spark vintage drumms in keylab 49
« Last post by vladimir A. on Today at 09:15:28 am »


I recently purchase the v-collection, I realized that came with the vintage spark drumm, my question is: Is there any way to set up  SVD in  KEYLAB 49? to take advantage of the pads KEYLAB.

I would appreciate your prompt response.

Vladimir A.
Spark Technical Issues / Request for Help Setting Up Spark with Logic
« Last post by sarasimms on Today at 05:55:35 am »
Hi Arturia Community,

I would like to set up Spark with Logic, but am having challenges getting the IAC Driver configured properly on my Mac.

In the IAC Driver Properties, the connector's for Spark's MIDI In and Out are greyed out. In Spark's preferences, under 'send MIDI to sequencer' the option that I've selected is YES but I am receiving the message '### would use IAC Driver Spark1 MIDI Out' but the port doesn't exist.

Could someone please help to provide advice on how to correctly set up Spark in the IAC Driver Properties? I need to get this working before this weekend.

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Sara Simms
FYI... I recorded brief video tonight demonstrating connecting the MiniBrute and MicroBrute to each other.

General Discussion on BeatStep / Re: Tap Tempo
« Last post by sin night on Today at 02:06:43 am »
If I were to implement tap tempo on the beatstep, I would consider using use the start and stop buttons (maybe while holding shift?). If in play mode, I would use the play button, otherwise the stop button.

In order to avoid the shift button, I would add a threshold so you enter the tap tempo mode by hitting the button a few consecutive times in a reasonable time (the first 3 or 4 hits are discarded - they are required to enter the tap tempo mode - then the following hits are used to calculate the tempo). To exit tap tempo mode, you would have to wait a reasonable amount of time without any hits (let's say something like 5 seconds?) or press the other transport button (so, if you are in play mode and you're tapping the tempo by pressing play, if you hit stop you would both stop the sequence and exit the tap tempo mode).
I think this way it's easier to tap the tempo, since you don't have to hold down any additional button, you can keep the other hand free to do something else. The drawback is that you need a few more hits to set the tempo. Probably this approach is best while playing.
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