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Now to a less snarky reply than I gave above...

Yes, MIDI CCs and patch memories are very useful, but they come at a price, in terms of money and in other ways. Patch memories and MIDI CCs would have meant A/D converters for all knobs and sliders, and D/A converters for all parameters, which would have added to the cost. There's no way the Microbrute would have been so inexpensive with those features added. It would also have meant that the knobs and sliders would no longer form part of the sound generating circuits, so that their positions would no longer directly correlate to the actual sound you're playing. Not to mention possible zipper noise, etc. This is actually one of the things that attracted me to this synth in the first place (apart from the sound. And the price; it was the only synth I could afford at the time).

I use my Microbrute for solos and leads when I play live with my band, and for that purpose I only need two or three sounds that are all based on the same basic patch with a few tweaks that I have no problem setting up between songs. For my own music making at home, I tweak it until I get a sound that I like for a certain track, and then record the part into my DAW, doing any filter tweaks or other modulation live while recording. I usually have the notes already recorded as MIDI, so both hands are free to turn knobs on the synth. If I don't like the end result, I can always go back later and record it with a different patch.

I agree that the keyboard is awful, but at this price point, I'm glad to get a keyboard at all. Personally, I see my Microbrute as a module rather than a keyboard equipped synth, with a small keyboard thrown in as a bonus (even though I occasionally use the keyboard, even on gigs).

Regarding the filter, you can get much "purer" sounds if you set the individual waveform volumes below the 12 o'clock position. Beyond this, the oscillator starts to overdrive the filter, making the sound dirtier. Not that this is always a bad thing :-)
Spark Users Community / Re: Spark 2
« Last post by Monsta on Today at 05:19:09 am »
Still in Beta http://www.arturia.com/evolution/smf/index.php?topic=82104.0
More testers the better for everyone  :)
Spark Users Community / Spark 2
« Last post by killlermark on Today at 02:45:10 am »
Hey guys, where's Spark 2 update at?
General discussion on MicroBrute / Re: Selling a microbrute
« Last post by killlermark on Today at 02:43:46 am »
Thanks J,
email sent.
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / An Issue, a Request, and a Suggestion
« Last post by audiohoarder on April 23, 2014, 11:27:59 pm »
I am currently using my Beatstep hooked up to a Mutable Instruments Shruthi via the MIDI dongle.

Hello, I am really enjoying the Beatstep, but I have an issue with the aftertouch response.
No matter how lightly I press a pad on the Beatstep, the channel aftertouch is being triggered on my Shruthi synthesizer module. Is there a way to make the aftertouch/pressure less sensitive or activate only after increasing the pressure on the pad? I use the aftertouch setting to simulate tightening a drum head like a "talking drum" or "roto tom" in a lot of my drum patches, but the pitch swings up instantly instead of responding to the pressure.
So far, this is the only negative aspect I have found while using the Beatstep. I hope it is just me overlooking a parameter in the software editor.

My request has to do with the CNTRL mode.
I think that having the option to separate recalling the encoder and pad settings would be awesome. For example: SHIFT+RECALL would allow access to the 16 pad banks and just pressing RECALL would access the 16 encoder banks. This way I could use the pads as a keyboard and SHIFT+RECALL as a transpose/octave switch without also changing what CC/NRPN the encoders edit.

My suggestion has to do with the encoder "speed".
As it stands, the encoder set to "fast" feels fine to me, but I have read that some don't like how slow they change value. The Shruthi has a great compromise for this: hold down a certain button and turn the encoder to advance ten steps in value instead of just one. Just holding SHIFT and turning an encoder in CNTRL could "speed up" the encoder in this manner.

That is all I have to say so far; I am very pleased with my purchase! :)
General Discussion on BeatStep / Re: BPM display with the pads
« Last post by miguelmarcos on April 23, 2014, 11:03:09 pm »
How would one display 110bpm or 101bpm?
General Discussion on BeatStep / Re: m1st impressions
« Last post by xmota on April 23, 2014, 10:37:50 pm »
I vote for CC step sequencing too ... would be nice to have Doepfer MAQ like CC/velocity modes for the sequences ... e.g. at least two "sequence layers" - one for note pitch, second for velocity or CC
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: "Failed to open the device" Cannot SYNC
« Last post by xmota on April 23, 2014, 10:32:09 pm »
Same problem here. I have tried several USB ports and hubs on my Mac Pro, no success :(
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / VCO scaling/trigger mode
« Last post by baward on April 23, 2014, 10:02:16 pm »
Does the Microbrute (and the Minibrute for that matter) use octave scaling of Hz per volt or volt per octave? And what about the trigger mode? I have a number of old analogue synths (mainly Korg), as well as a Korg MS-02 interface, so it doesn't really matter which of the two systems are used as with the MS-02 its all good, but I would actually prefer it if the Microbrute uses v/oct, as its more fun! :-)

Thank you,
I've just noticed that you can get X3 for just $29 at the moment, that might solve your Cakewalk problems? I've picked it up at that price just out of curiosity :)
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