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Analog Lab Technical Issues / Re: problem with analog lab
« Last post by ulrike Zyklon on Today at 08:41:06 am »
 the error message appears after pressing ok now disappears and analg lab work
Analog Lab Technical Issues / Re: problem with analog lab
« Last post by ulrike Zyklon on Today at 08:38:00 am »
I downloaded the latest version.But now I downloaded the 1.0.3 version that I found on the forum and now it seems that it works
Spark Technical Issues / Re: Metronome not audible
« Last post by Kevin on Today at 07:58:23 am »
You can check the "Click output" in the preferences panel.
The standalone does not support multiple output so it mixes everything in the master output.
KeyLab / Re: KeyLab & Cubase 7.5 last version Problems
« Last post by Tharau on Today at 07:03:24 am »
I still done on Monday.

..but I got no feedback
Analog Lab Technical Issues / Re: problem with analog lab
« Last post by reddog on Today at 04:22:39 am »
Your problem has to do with Oberheim SEM V.

Do you have the latest version?
Analog Lab Technical Issues / problem with analog lab
« Last post by ulrike Zyklon on Today at 01:09:04 am »
hello  I am a new user and I have a problem I bought yesterday my minilab and I downloaded and followed all the instructions to install and autorizare analog lab. all operations have been completed sucessfully but when I go to open  analog lab does not open and the following error comes out   ERROR 0 file: /jenkins/root/workspace/Oberheim_Mac_Release/Oberheim_SEM/project/Mac/../../src/StaticLib/ObSem2LibAParamMapper.cpp
line: 1542

I have a macbook pro  OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5
2.9 GHz intel core i7
8 gb 1600 MHZ
please help to solve this problem
Spark Technical Issues / Re: Metronome not audible
« Last post by timvdh on Today at 12:45:11 am »
Thanks for your reply, I did not notice it until now since I forgot to turn notifications on.

What are your sound card settings ?
Does it happens also in standalone ?
That's a very strange problem you got here... ???

I just tried standalone mode - metronome works fine. I then tried Cubase again. Now the metronome is working?! I had started Cubase several time and always had the metronome sound problem.

Maybe it got fixed just by starting standalone mode once. I am using a Focusrite Scarlet 18i6, too many settings to report unless I know what I am looking for. However, for now I just hope the metronome stays fixed.

BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Firmware Update FIXED(?)
« Last post by Funtmaster on July 23, 2014, 10:59:36 pm »
I have fixed it (for me at least).

I was mystified as to why the MCC stated no Firmware version at all. So after trying all the suggestions in this thread, I downloaded the previous Firmware version and installed that successfully and then upgraded to the latest version. In my case, it seems it needed an earlier version installed first and recognised BEFORE it could do the upgrade. Makes some kind of sense to me.......

I hope it works for others.
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Using 2 Beasteps at once?
« Last post by noCore on July 23, 2014, 07:58:34 pm »
while i'm on a tear, here's an idea for a future Arturia product...

the BeatHub

a tiny little box that will have usb connectivity to your computer
a clock to set Master Tempo (or to be externally sync'd to your computer's tempo)
a single dial.. some small buttons (play/shift).. and a small 3 digit 7-segment display to display tempo etc..

it would act as an 8 port USB hub so that you can connect multiple BeatSteps, providing perfect sync (and power) for all units (which can then be MIDI or C/V'd out to various hardware synths etc..)..
and as a general USB hub for other things (SparkLE, etc...)
- would require an external power supply (included with purchase) in order to provide enough juice for all the connected units...

street price... $29.99 ?

I'd buy one..  and then I'd buy more BeatSteps to branch out my MIDI tentacle monster robot.

General Discussion on BeatStep / Re: Tap Tempo
« Last post by JST on July 23, 2014, 04:46:41 pm »
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