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Verdict: next time you should look at the specifications and try it in a shop before buy something. ;)
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / CV in controller mode
« Last post by Charleshowes23 on Today at 07:59:40 pm »
Will the Beatstep output cv in controller mode? It would be great if it could be used as a custom cv controller that can only be the notes you need and to be able to save keyboard presets for different songs. Is this possible?
Spark Users Community / Re: Spark Improvements!
« Last post by tomek on Today at 07:57:28 pm »
ya some clip out as high as +15dB.  Not good for your gear and ear I imagine...
General Discussion on BeatStep / Re: Feature suggestions / wishlist
« Last post by milkshake on Today at 07:32:43 pm »
I personally would love it if the pitch could be detached from any scale. If, for example, the 'USER' scale could have a 'Free' setting, so one could program microtonal pitch difference, especially when using CV this is excellent, but for MIDI this would be totally excellent as well. I find it a bit limiting to have to use tempered scales.
You could send the cv signal to a mixer/pot and scale it with that.

Then, something else that's been remarked already is that the sequence goes out of sync when the number of steps is altered or when time division is altered. This is rather bothersome, it would be cool if one could at least have the option to force this to some time grid. I mean, it's also really cool that it CAN go out of sync, and that you can use it to make it stutter, but then again, I have noticed that you have to hit the pads on an upbeat when changing step number. (Am I making myself clear here?)
I have just made a similar request in the technical section.
Basically syncing to the first step after 1/2/4 measures.
I would like a reset to the first step after 1/2/4 measures.
This is very useful if you want to create more complex patterns fast.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 2 1 2 3etc

Now the first step is step 1. It would be great if we can choose witch step is the first step in the sequence.

Spark Users Community / Re: Spark Improvements!
« Last post by LPHovercraft on Today at 06:57:39 pm »
That implies 'tuning' the knee of the output saturation algorithm, which I'm fully in support of...
Spark Users Community / Re: Spark Improvements!
« Last post by tomek on Today at 06:56:13 pm »
Sorry not sure if this has been mentioned before but...

Can we please make the factory projects not clip at zero dB by default?

Perhaps -2 dB would be nice.

Thanks, Tomek
Spark Users Community / Re: DAW recording "path"
« Last post by tomek on Today at 06:17:28 pm »
Not so sure what this has to do with Spark?  This would be a good thread for the gearsluts forum ;) LOL

Long story short, the recorded signal would likely be the same.

The playback signal would likely not be the same due to differences in panning laws,

and the audio mix engines (if you are mixing multiple tracks together).

That is all I will says about that.   Over and out.

Thanks for the update info on spark vdm at the moment iam running my daw on xp so I'll have to try the latest update  available for this operating system. If I can't get a result there I'll have to load my daw onto windows 7 and see if spark vdm works on there if not iam buggeredd anyway thanks for the info
Sorry Ben, wish I'd taken note.

Now that it took my code (by running as Admin) it launches fine.

I'll un-install / re-install to try and re-create.  brb..

Below is the error I get after re-install (with and without controller connected),

trying to launch for the 1st time.  Again launches fine when running as admin for the 1st time.

Subsequent launches do not require "Admin".  Also, it did not ask for auth code on 2nd install.

OH!! FORGOT TO MENTION!!!  I am not installing into the default paths.

I was installing everything into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Shared VSTi\Spark".

Perhaps that has something to do with it...  Let me try default path to see if that

changes things.  I can imagine the OS does not like the library in Program Files directory.  brb

(Maybe we should move this thread to the Beta section?)

Thanks Team, 

 Problem Event Name:   BEX
  Application Name:   Spark.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:   5347c196
  Fault Module Name:   Spark.exe
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:   5347c196
  Exception Offset:   00469677
  Exception Code:   c0000409
  Exception Data:   00000005
  OS Version:   6.3.9600.
  Locale ID:   1033
  Additional Information 1:   06a1
  Additional Information 2:   06a16c391c49a214f9a049e25fbadbcf
  Additional Information 3:   eb7d
  Additional Information 4:   eb7da5fa600dcf000a43685c17a25ca2

Yep, that was it!  re-installed SPARK, and put the library into another folder (drive),

and problem on launch in gone.  Note to Self / ALL.  Do not put the library into "Program Files".

(probably says that during install doesn't it?  LOL)

Now lets see if that had anything to do with my crashes when flipping through the  Project library in DAW...

I would imagine it does, as you can't run a VSTi as Admin, unless I run Sonar as such, but still might barf.

Doh!  Still crashed (in stand alone) when clicking on Dub Lab 2.

Mind you, on quick inspection, overall it does appear more stable in and out of DAW.

 Problem Event Name:   APPCRASH
  Application Name:   Spark.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:   5347c196
  Fault Module Name:   Spark.exe
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:   5347c196
  Exception Code:   c0000005
  Exception Offset:   0017a62c
  OS Version:   6.3.9600.
  Locale ID:   1033
  Additional Information 1:   5861
  Additional Information 2:   5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
  Additional Information 3:   dba6
  Additional Information 4:   dba6f3f51243e7af8337f6bced10f1a2

Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to try. 

More than happy to assist.


PS - UAC has been completely off the entire time.

Managed to get through 3/4 of the factory sets without a crash in Sonar X3,

so HUGE improvement, but still not quite there... 
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