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the only thing i wish arturia had done differently with the microbrute is place the octave controls under the pitch and mod wheels even though its unconventional.it would allow for much more dynamic playing on such a small keyboard. something they might hopefully address in a firmware update is the pitch bend.it seems to hate being set to +/- 12
has anyone else experienced this?is there something im missing? it worked fine previously.
sweetwater sells 5 packs for a reasonable price,better than any other sites that sell modular cables. if you dont mind using all black ones,you can purchase them 2 for $2.50 at your local radioshack. it doesnt get any cheaper. id also recommend buying either some stackables(though shipping is ridiculous from the only retailer selling them,they want 12 dollars per cable) and i suggest buying a 6 way splitter off of ebay and not one made by belkin.for about 8 bucks the splitter will allow you to send 5 signals from each cv out making your microbrute capable of some much more complex sounds.hopefully this post helps

Filter is good and can be modulated internally and externally.
Usb midi for sync to sequencer.
Sounds are good ( after about an hour of fiddling ).
External input of sounds ( drums, voice etc ).


Sequencer doesnt seem to follow octave shift when entering notes ( is this normal ) !
No external CC data for any knobs ( just pitch, mod and note on/off )
No memory locations
I tested velocity via midi and usb, it didnt work
Knobs are too big and oddly shaped ( should be round )
Sliders are flat ( should have finger curve )
Keyboard is cheap and hard, like a childs toy keyboard.
Paper and pen what decade are we in ?


Filter is ok but not very clean, if you want pure sounds then forget it.
Without any form of memory or CC control this is useless in a studio situation.
External sound input is usable but not that usable.

If im sitting in a dark studio and i need to find a quick sound then i wont turn this on.
If im in a live situation how can i find the correct sound, i wont with this synth.

At best this could be used as a filter not a synth.

I was hoping for a reasonably good mono synth but my verdict is 5 out of 10.

Compared to my nord micro modular and novation nova this feels and looks like a toy.

if you think this is a toy then you need to find a new hobby.
MicroBrute Presets - Media / Re: Sequences - share your mbseqs :)
« Last post by lee.picciotto on Today at 01:50:34 am »
Here's my contribution: Pink Floyd's always inspiring "On the Run" sequence (with accompanying patch sheet). The sequence is in position #1 (the rest are factory defaults). Adjust attack to taste. Enjoy!
well done and thank you. ill be sharing some here shortly.
MicroBrute Presets - Media / Re: Sequences - share your mbseqs :)
« Last post by lee.picciotto on Today at 01:49:31 am »

where can i get an empty "template" sheet like in your post?

Thanks this is great!

@tomoe97  this is really useful for logging your mbseqs...   http://bradyjacobsen.com/microbrute/

its really great for sending that guy your original patches.i would only consider using this if there was a link to access all the patches shared.
Spark Presets Zone / Re: Akai MPC 2000XL Kit
« Last post by Seiishu on April 18, 2014, 10:54:27 pm »
And as I promised... here is the link for the sound (type of music) I am so interested in. This amazing artist from Japan, called Denkitribe is using just 4 samples (that's what Korg KP3 allows you to have assigned to these 4 pads at once). Simply changing built in filters/effects, and he's turning these 4 samples into beautiful arrangement. I used to own KP3+ (40 more effects added on the top of hundreds of already available ones) and that thing is amazing, touch screen is so responsive, it's just incredible. Pure enjoyment to use. Denkitribe's KP3 live performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hdhCSSWn-s

Anyway, I was interested in finding out where to find these amazing soft sounds he's using (or something along these lines of course).

In the mean time, if you are interested I just posted some of my quite old songs to SoundCloud (link in my signature). Some of them are dating back from 1995 - 2002. I used Korg X3, Roland XP10, Kawai Q80 as my sequencer, and bunch of software like for example Propellerheads RB-338, some super old version of Reason etc. I'd appreciate if you could give your opinion. Of course no one has time to go through all the songs, but if you can, pay attention to the following ones (that's the sound I like the most): "Spiritual Absence", "Trip to Unreal", "Into Delta", "D'Maelstrom", "Asia Morning" and "Viscid Vibes". Have in mind, these are quite old songs, done using quite primitive tools (for this type of music).

Your valuable opinion is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
Ah thank you ;D
and especially not you buy a guitar because it's worse.
No external CC
No sequencer
No memory locations and more :'(
French humor :D
Spark Users Community / Re: Pimp my Spark
« Last post by mcx on April 18, 2014, 08:29:30 pm »
where did u get the knobs from id love to do this with silver type knobs
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