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KeyLab Technical Issues / Re: KeyLab 49 drum pad mapping and Logic Pro X
« Last post by DPMoore on April 23, 2014, 11:42:00 am »
Thanks I'll give that a go!
General Discussion on BeatStep / BPM display with the pads
« Last post by studio67 on April 23, 2014, 10:43:52 am »
The beatstep is a perfect controller! the only thing what i am missing is the BPM display (used with the sequencer), i use the beatstep manly in combination with the iPad. there are only some synth that displays the BPM in sync with the beatstep (Animoog and Sunrizer).

It would be perfect to display the BPM with the pads (red color) example:
turning the big level knob to change the BPM to 130 will display the pads (1+3+10)
the number 10 = zero (0) with this settings you can display all combinations, would be perfect!

Arturia is this possible?  ::)
An addition:
Transpose via midi keyboard ONLY works when you have connected the beatstep via usb to your pc to control softsynth.
When you control a hardware synth via MIDI or CV/Gate, the note you want the sequence to be transposed to, passes through the beatstep and is heard in between the notes of the sequence!

A BIG problem in my opinion!
KeyLab / Octave down button doesn't work on KeyLab 25!
« Last post by nekoner on April 23, 2014, 06:51:01 am »
The KeyLab 25 I just bought has two issues :

1. The Octave down button doesn't react when pressed. I can only go up and have to restart it to go back to 0.

2. One of the keys is really weak and almost doesn't react when pressed.

Is the second a direct consequence of the first, since I can't properly reboot the KeyLab 25 with pressing the Octave up & down buttons simultaneously after updating the firmware?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Spark Beta Test / Re: Spark 2 Betatest !
« Last post by B1t Crunch3r on April 23, 2014, 04:58:41 am »
"Using Maschine 2.2.1 I found that the vst plug-in of spark loads and the main page is definitely Spark 2 but the sequencer and mixer are clearly from the old Spark software. It's like it is still Spark 1 wearing the face of Spark 2."

Correction. It seems to be working fine in Maschine after reloading it.
Spark Beta Test / Re: Spark 2 Betatest !
« Last post by B1t Crunch3r on April 23, 2014, 04:34:33 am »
Using Spark 2 with Renoise 3 as my DAW I found what appears to be a bug. When turning the Divide knob it effects the value of the Move knob. I don't recall that happening in 1.7.2. I am using Spark CDM controller with the software.

Using Maschine 2.2.1 I found that the vst plug-in of spark loads and the main page is definitely Spark 2 but the sequencer and mixer are clearly from the old Spark software. It's like it is still Spark 1 wearing the face of Spark 2.

Overall the software is excellent (Where it does work well). I'm really hoping that official release of Spark 2 will work well with Renoise 3 and Maschine 2. Thanks for getting the new software solid. I love it so far. I'll get to more extensive use soon but i noticed those things right away.

Users' corner / lcc2 connection to protection device lost
« Last post by jgcorn on April 23, 2014, 03:20:56 am »
Hello.  I thought I'd share my experience with installation of the elicenser control center.  I moved the key to a new Mac, downloaded the most recent version & when I tried to run the installer I got the error message "lcc2 connection to protection device lost".  To make a LONG story short, the solution was to:

1) Remove e-license dongle
2) uninstall e-license control center
3) Restart computer

4) Reinstall e-license control center
5) THEN re-insert dongle as the install proceeds

This worked for me, I hope it works for you if you get the same error.

Moog Modular V Technical Issues / Re: Can't get sequencer going
« Last post by jeffscottbrown on April 23, 2014, 03:13:58 am »
There isn't a whole lot to it but there are a few little things that you might be missing.  Rather than go back and forth on the forum here trying to sort that out I thought that it might be easiest just to show you how it can be done and hopefully you will see something here that helps you get over this hump.  See http://jeffathome.s3.amazonaws.com/modular_v_sequencer_2.mov.

I hope that helps (please let me know if it does or does not).

All the best!
General Discussion on Origin / Re: Dear Arturia
« Last post by JacksonP on April 22, 2014, 08:24:33 pm »
However, Arturia has to understand our concerns as well. We bought into Origin, some very early on, like me. We invested time and money to make sounds and incorporate the instrument in our music. So, from our standpoint, we did nothing wrong but we get treated by Arturia as if we are freeloaders. What really concerns me is the longevity of the product if Arturia does not even address warranty cases of their product currently sold in stores. I think this extends to the stores as well, otherwise I cannot explain why major stores are selling the Origin Keyboard, non-working for half the price instead of getting it fixed and sell it at full price.

Anyway, Arturia should step outside the box and objectively look at the situation from a customer perspective. How would you feel when you purchased a quite expensive instrument, and then cannot get spare parts or repair work done, if needed?

It's really scary if this is true. I have big knob problem in my quite new Origin KB and other knob problems with my older Origin desktop. I contacted Arturia quite many times about the big knob issue (this is still a warranty case) and all I got was silence. After few emails from David they simply stopped handling this case and I got no response to my emails. If this is their way to handle Origin issues, how they can think we would buy another Origin or anything from them? Maybe we are just so few people that they don't care what we think...

Origin is a flagship product from Arturia for sure. It has tons of features, marvellous GUI and great sound. This is obviously a product that has been developed for years. In general, I think, quite often flagship products aren't supposed to sell shiploads of units. Many companies make flagship products mainly for making reputation or strengthening their brand. Unfortunately in Origin's case it has become quite opposite. It's sad if Arturia leaves their flagship product with all these problems.

And frustrated Oring users aren't gonna go away, even if Arturia makes it officially discontinued product. If fact we are stuck with our Origins. Considering myself a honest person, I can't see how to ever sell it to anyone. Would I tell him/her that this Origin Keyboard has had this big knob issue since very early times, its other knobs won't probably last very long, MIDI out does not work (software problem) and cannot be guaranteed that any of these problems will be fixed...

If I could see little more future for it I would happily think having it for my entire life. Now, as a professional player, I have to little by little start thinking another instrument which I can trust (and this means also that customer service/support works) and to which is wise to invest also my time (programming etc.). This being said, I will use my Origin as long as I can.
General Discussion on Origin / Re: Dear Arturia
« Last post by mgoossen on April 22, 2014, 08:09:51 pm »
I am confused by the concept of company secrecy, when products need to be geared towards a customers wants and needs.
The Origin is a perfect example of a product that should and can be successful with customer involvement.

Firstly this product is not profiled on Vintage Synth Explorer.
Secondly, it has virtually no YouTube demos showing off its abilities.
Have a contest, show the product off.

This is one of the best synths on the market,
it does things the Virus, Voyager and DSI Prophet can't, yet no one can hear it.

I like what Cord said
"Arturia should take a pride in the Origin and act accordingly"

The Origin is a wicked synth, it should be treated like one
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