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If you just want to upload the new firmware on a functional machine, you don't need to follow the technote, only using "update firmware" should be enough.

about the the stoppped working thing, on what OS are you running the application? which version?
Did you unzip the downloaded file before running the app?
Are you you don't have any other application using MIDI at the same time?
if the firmware restoration technote does not work, you shoud contact technical support. It could be a faulty external PSU
Thank you very much for your reply. Will give it a shot.

In Live, you can simply select the BS as MIDI IN to sequence any instrument you want.
You can also sync Live and BS (via the USB connection) to play both at the same BPM (please see other post which explain how to do that).
Hope this helps.
General discussion on MicroBrute / Microbrute Sequencer-USB-Out
« Last post by Rookie2 on August 27, 2014, 12:07:41 pm »
Hello Arturia,

first of all a big thank you for the Microbrute, this genious tiny beast.
Are there still any plans to enable USB-Out for the Sequencer,
mentioned in most reviews.
Or should we have to buy a beatstep for this?  ;)

best regards,
Spark Users Community / Re: Spark improvement: using spark as sequencer for diffrent vst
« Last post by Le0 on August 27, 2014, 10:43:40 am »
Hi, actucally you described a way of using it, but you´re not able to set the notes for triggering different instruments.
you could achieve this feature while using spark in "midi controller mode" but you always have to open up the midi control center, to change the note outs.

a solution for me would be: second vst (same engine when it comes to midi edeting; same GUI) but intended to controll third party plugins

after using the external midi vst, you just disconect and use spark 2 again, as like you are using two spark vsts in one project

I hope arturia will implement this, would be great!
cheers leo
You'll need to have the current firmware on your Monotribe and then follow the instructions to configure the Monotribe for external CV control and Volt per Octave scaling. You'll also need the proper cable/s to get the pitch and gate CV signals to the Monotribe. The Monotribe has a TRRS 1/8" input, finding the proper pre-built cable is difficult, I used a Nokia a/v cable.
MicroBrute / Re: Microbrute has no sound after firmware update.
« Last post by josh.p.bell on August 27, 2014, 04:02:52 am »
ok so randomly it started working again after i left it a couple of days and tried using the headphone output instead of the 1/4" output - so now i have sound yay! (still confused why though)

and I only managed to get the sequencer to play through the whole sequence instead of the first note only by switching back to CLOCK like was said above AND turning note on to HOLD.

hope this helps

I just wanted to install the MicrobruteConnectionSoftware to be able to run the sequencer just by switching the play mode and not by holding a key but I've got problems with firmware restoration.
I followed all the instructions contained in the "TECHNOTE" file( contained in the zipped folder I've downloaded from Arturia website) but as i click to "UPDATE FIRMWARE" button it appears a window telling me "MicrobruteConnection.exe has stopped working".
I've tried twice or more but I've not solved it, i really don't know what to do.

Hope the post it's understandable ( I'm italian and I don't use to write in English :) )

BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Sequencing Monotribe with BeatStep
« Last post by Tubey on August 27, 2014, 01:03:09 am »
Yes, no response.
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