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Cool !
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Problems with Midi Learn
« Last post by janmelin on July 29, 2014, 01:23:56 pm »
The Factory Templates for Beatstep are missing  in MCCU as you can see from my screendump.
When I choose for example Keylab25 the Factory Templates shows up in MCCU, but not when I load Beatstep.
I have deleted and reinstalled the MCCU several times. Both the application and the support files in Library.
Is it possible to restore the Factory settings direct from Beatstep with some neat button combinations?
....GOOD NEWS: it worked by disabling Midi In / out !!

Thank you, have a nice day !!

Website / Re: Analogue Laboratory
« Last post by LFB on July 29, 2014, 12:55:18 pm »
Thanks Padawan  :)
General Discussion on BeatStep / Request new pad modes
« Last post by zilch42 on July 29, 2014, 12:04:38 pm »
So this really applies to all controllers with pads (would love to see it on the keylab) but I can't post in every forum so I'll start here.

I would love to have some new modes for using pads, specifically types that would work a little more like playing with a sustain pedal, without actually having to use one. I would call them something like MonoHold and PolyHold.

With MonoHold: hit a pad, it opens the gate. Hit another pad, it closes the first gate and opens the second. Perhaps with the option of whether it was legato or not. This would mean you could play sustained synth phrases while feeling the rhythm of bashing pads, and without the awkwardness of manually turning gates off.

In PolyHold mode: hit a bunch of pads at once, all gates stay open. Hit one new note, all open gates shut and the new gate opens.
Tapping and holding a pad acts like pressing a sustain pedal. Hit 3 pads, leave at least one finger on. Now any subsequently tapped pads open new gates without closing the first, until the hold finger(s) are released. It then keeps holding until you hit a new pad, where it shuts all gates and starts again. (Retapping open gates also turns them off while the hold finger is down.)
This would allow you to play those rolling sorts of ballardy piano lines while giving your fingers time to reposition before you start on a new chord.

What do people think? Do any other companies already have something like this? I love playing pads live. There's just so much more I wish I could do with them :)
Website / Re: Analogue Laboratory
« Last post by Padawan on July 29, 2014, 09:47:05 am »

In fact, Analog Laboratory is a discontinued product (the 'BUY' mention shouldn't be there, sorry for that!); could you address a ticket to technical-inquiry@arturia.com, they'll manage to find a solution!

Please check that you're running the last version of cubase 5. (Cubase 5.5.3 i guess)
Check that you have audio when clicking on pads.
In MIDI port configuration remove Sparkle as MIDI input or output.
Remember that Spark is not listed as compatible with this version of Cubase. It has not been tested so...
I've been testing it for you and i manage to connect my SparkLE with the soft with no problems.

Analog Lab Technical Issues / Analog Lab VST crashes regularly and unpredictably
« Last post by artao on July 29, 2014, 07:26:33 am »
I'm really enjoying my recent purchase of the MiniLab. The sounds in Analog Lab are awesome and will take me QUITE awhile to go through. Many of them are quite inspiring.
However, the standalone is only so useful. I really want to be using this as a VST. Sadly, the VST crashes regularly and unpredictably in all the hosts I've used it in.
These hosts are: VSTHost, Reaper, TobyBear Minihost, and Cantabile Lite
Sometimes when it crashes, it starts making this LOUD and deep buzzing noise. Other times it simply stops making sound altogether. Usually, deleting the instance of Analog Lab VST and re-adding works, but sometimes I also have to close the host program and re-start it.
As you can imagine, this is annoying and gets tiresome.

Other than that, as I said, I'm quite enjoying my purchase. It's a great value!!

MiniLab (Just purchases about 1.5 weeks ago, so everything is up to date)
Dell Optiplex GX620
Win 7 Professional 32-bit
Pentium D dual 3.4GHz
3 gigs RAM
on-board audio Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio
NVidia GTX560 Ti w/1 gig VRAM
all drivers and system are up to date
Wait .. I think I posted this in the wrong forum maybe? There's another forum for Analog Lab .. which is the exact name of the software I have ... is Analog Laboratory and older or somehow different version?
This is confusing  ???
Website / Analogue Laboratory
« Last post by LFB on July 29, 2014, 06:16:08 am »
I'm an existing Analogue Factory user - I absolutely love it but am finding that Logic 9 in 32 bit mode is falling short on memory, leading me to upgrade my ram so I can use it in 64 bit mode.

Analogue factory doesn't support 64 bit mode and I'm not fussed on using Logic's built in bridge as I hear it's not overly stable.

Analogue Laboratory is listed as an item that I can 'buy' online as a software download but when I select this option and enter my country (Australia), it's not listed. I'm particularly interested in it as I want the benefit of the Arpeggiattor.

Can someone at Arturia please offer me some assistance with buying this product as a download?

I'm assuming 'Analogue Lab' which is listed is a slightly different product which also lacks an Arpeggiator(?)
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