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Spark Beta Test / Re: Spark 2.0.1 Beta
« Last post by mixalis on July 21, 2014, 07:32:29 pm »
There is a bug at the roller too in 2.0.1 !   When you mess with the roller and press it so it changes mode, from roller to filter/resonance to pan/volume  it stucks and  the roller goes to hold mode  ....To resolve it you have to press shift and the roller to go to touch mode again.... 

I dont know if its in your bug list.... 

Analog Lab / Logic quits while using Prophet-V2 plug-in
« Last post by daniel_rapley on July 21, 2014, 05:57:28 pm »
Hi…sorry if this topic has already come up but I couldn't see anything.

I'm tearing my hair out…been working on a project in Logic Pro X. It's been working fine for ages but now suddenly every time I load the project it crashes within seconds and generates the following error message: "Logic Pro X quit unexpectedly while using the Prophet-V2 plug-in".

There is so much work on the project and I'm unable to access it any more…can anyone help me??

Thanks, Daniel
First post so be gentle,

I tried to sequence the Minibrute via cv, but the tuning/tracking was way off (turns out it was the sequencer, not the Minibrute), so I located the offset/tune pots on the back of the Minibrute and attempted to tune, thus putting the Minibrute out of tune.

After a lot of turning and trial and error I got the Minibrute back in tune but its playing way too high. I’ve clearly messed up somewhere. The keyboard also now occasionally plays weird ghost notes and the general tuning is erratic. Also, now when turning the tune trim pot instead of a smooth adjustment it skips/jumps notes which cannot be correct.  I have a few old analogs which sometimes need similar trimming with a mini-screwdriver but they don’t do this erratic jumping when adjusting.

So, I opened up the synth (out of warranty anyway) to get a better look at the 2 trim pots as they were quite awkward to turn. The two trimmers are not mounted perpendicular to the holes, quite a poor soldering job actually and this is why they are difficult to get a good consistent turn.

So my question is, by excessively turning trying to tune, and because the two pots are not perpendicular have I damaged them? Would turning them way beyond their range trying to lower the tuning of the synth damage them, or have damaged other components? How do I get this thing back into a reasonable octave range. Unless I want to compose for chipmunks the synth is pretty useless as it is at the moment.

Any help much appreciated.
Minimoog V Technical Issues / Re: Vocal filter resets by itself
« Last post by ben arturia on July 21, 2014, 03:53:48 pm »
Hi emezez,

We are really sorry for those bugs...
I've been only able to reproduce a part of your problems.
When i move vocal filter letters then close GUI and reopen they are not placed as before but effect is running as expected.
That's not critical as it's only on the GUI that the placement is not recalled. Could be more annoying if you want to tweak those letters after closing the GUI...
I've been unable to reproduce the LFO circle collapse bug or your effect that are not recalled too.
Have you been able to spot exactly when it happens ?

Thank you for this report

Origin Users Community / Re: Future of the ORIGIN
« Last post by cocomo joe on July 21, 2014, 01:36:22 pm »
Yes.. the survey..received it too...don't bother.
Usually it's a trick to make users believe they care about you(or the product you use)not so.
It's like Microsofts problem reporter asking you to send some crash and then telling you they will send you a message when solved..ha..ha.
Just never happens...never..ever..politics..make believe..crap!

For the Origin they know the facts for a long time now and did nothing to help all those peeps who gave their good decent money for it.
As a contrast..I have several now old Korg synths/samplers..triton..red karma..M3..Oasys..I can still get support for.
That's the difference between a dedicated hardware company existing for decades and a software company with hardware ambitions.

Another example..I recently bought their Keylab25..it has a spongy black key and if I push it the whole keyboard bends down.
Badly assembled in their chinese whatever it is putting these >instruments< together.
Do I send it back..no..I keep it..just like the Origin with all its flaws.
The software it comes with has some really good sounds but it only allows me to combine just two layers in 2014..a joke right?
On the Korgs from 2005 on we have 8 layers/chenes to play with on karma/Oasys..M3..Kronos.

So..I know I'm drifting here in general..but the point is..don't rely on anything called some survey.
I'm not wasting my time on them for sure..again it's all politics..very well known and used in the market.

Bottom line..just take your product as it is..and accept they have your money.
And you are left with just some piece of malfunktioning expensive piece of sh%$#@t.
Welcome in the world.


Analog Lab Technical Issues / Re: ANALOG LAB. CRASH Pro Tool 10.
« Last post by sgtpetter on July 21, 2014, 01:02:10 pm »
Hi there: I just started a similar thread for PT11 with a workaround. Maybe it can solve your issues for PT10 as well.

Analog Lab Technical Issues / Re: Analog Lab crashes Pro Tools 11
« Last post by sgtpetter on July 21, 2014, 12:54:37 pm »
No fix, but I've found a workaround that may prevent others from pulling their hair out:

Hold down the SHIFT key when opening your PT-project. This will make all plug-ins inactive. Right-click the plug-ins and choose "Make Active". If you hold down CMD+ALT while doing that, Pro Tools will make every plugin on that specific insert active across all of your tracks.

So I suppose the question is: Why doesn't Pro Tools 11 crash when enabling Analog Lab AFTER opening the session?
Analog Lab Technical Issues / Analog Lab crashes Pro Tools 11
« Last post by sgtpetter on July 21, 2014, 12:16:29 pm »
I have read this post about Pro Tools 10 (http://www.arturia.com/evolution/smf/index.php?topic=82691.0), and wanted to say that
there are major problems using Analog Lab with Pro Tools 11 (AAX-version)  as well.

Analog Lab crashes my Pro Tools 11 when I try to save or open a session.
It happens approx. 1 of 3 times when I save and 4 of 5 times when trying to open a session. It's the problem opening sessions that frustrate me most.

Pro Tools hangs when restoring the Analog Lab instrument track (see screenshot). I have to restart my Mac to make it work again. Unfortunately, many times even that doesn't solve it!

If I remove Analog Lab from the session, it will open normally every time.

Could you try deleting all the .pref files located in this folder: Library/Arturia/Analog Lab
I've tried this many times, but it doesn't change anything.

I'm using the Universal Audio Apollo Twin as audio interface. I'm using only one instance of Analog Lab on an instrument track in my project. I have tried both Pro Tools 11.1.3 and 11.2. Analog Lab (version 1.1.0 build 345) crashes them both. My OSX version is 10.9.3.

BTW: Analog Lab standalone also crashes when launching, but works when I reopen it (without a reboot).
Website / Re: V collection 2 --> 3 upgrade
« Last post by Dav1d on July 21, 2014, 11:51:11 am »
The best for these question is to contact sales-inquiry@arturia.com
Spark Technical Issues / Re: spark firmware corruption.
« Last post by ktek on July 21, 2014, 11:35:58 am »
i sent it agen to the tecknikal seport i hope i get an anser soon
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