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After I updated the firmware I had the same problem. When I searched on google this thread was the top search result. It's a shame there is no answer here.

I solved this issue by connecting the Microbrute with my PC and using the MicroBruteConnection application.
The Step On switch was set to Gate. I changed this to Clk and now I get sound from my Microbrute.
MiniBrute SE / Re: Minibrute SE Synced with Microbrute... problems!
« Last post by theMadSciencePr0gect on August 16, 2014, 08:54:40 pm »
I also just noticed in the software apps for each, the minibrute's software lacks an option the microbrute has.. This is the clock or gate setting. If left on clock, the microbrute will do exactly what the minibrute does when synced to volca beats... A note is constantly played to each pulse regardless if sequencing is on or off. When changed to gate, it works.

Maybe if the Minibrute software had this gate or clock option in the sequencer settings, it might work? Come on Arturia!! Software update! Please give me a reason to keep this beautiful instrument!
MiniBrute SE / Minibrute SE Synced with Microbrute... problems!
« Last post by theMadSciencePr0gect on August 16, 2014, 08:42:34 pm »

I own a Microbrute which I love... I bought the Minibrute SE because of the sequencer. I've been having fun syncing my Microbrute with my Volca Beats.. The problem I'm having is I can't seem to sync the minibrute se in the same way.. I realize this is similar to some other problem people are having. I can't cv sync it or midi sync it. I honestly never thought I'd have such a headache syncing two instruments of the same make.. This is so disappointing. The microbrute will do things it's more expensive big brother will not do! It's so goin back in less than 30 days if I can't make it work.. Too bad, it sure looks pretty on the table. 
Howto's and tips / Re: Transfer License From One Computer To Another
« Last post by dc on August 16, 2014, 03:27:40 pm »
So I bought the V Collection and Spark 2.
I've installed them on my iMac by using the soft method(not the DAMN dongle).

Got a new macbook pro.

Here is my thinking process while discovering what would happen:

"oh, this must be like the new ilok used by UVI, Soundtoys and many other companies or like Waves or Native Instruments system where you can have your license on up to 3 computers or at least transfer it to the new machine. easy-pie! Let's see..."

"hummm... I can't remove the soft license from the 1st computer..weiiiird...It is soft right???"

"oh! but I can transfer it!! yeah!"

"oh... I can transfer it only on a elicenser dongle... That's a bummer..."

"and then I'll have to use the dongle on both machines to make it work??? I don't have no more ports available on the imac..."

"I don't want to lose a freakin' USB port for THAT on my new shiny macbook pro. I only have 2 of them for cryin' out loud."

"And if I lose the dongle?"

"And if the dongle breaks?" (This is a stick that is out of a machine made to be portable so could happen very easily)

"Buying the softs again is a no-no... so well... How much does this Evil thingie cost?? let's see..."

"$40????" (here in Japan mind you)


So basically, you offer a soft licensing system that offers absolutely no "Cloud" advantage??

- Waves
damn easy to transfer! Move license to Cloud, Install license to new machine from Cloud.

- Native Instruments
just install the softs again. no brainer.

- UVI (ilok soft licensing)
Just install the softs again. no brainer. (up to 3)

-Soundtoys(ilok soft licensing)
remove it from the 1st and install it on the new one.Done.

And It's been like that for most of the companies.

Arturia, if you don't change this, I'll be sure to never buy your products ever again
and be sure to make every people asking about your products on the blogosphere, the twittersphere, the redditsphere, the gearslutzsphere that this is what is awaiting them.



Website / De-registering Arturia products for re-sale
« Last post by dddoug on August 16, 2014, 01:08:38 pm »
Hi - I have various Arturia products that I want to sell,
can you please advise me on what to do.

I have :

Spark Original with controller & software CD
Arp V2600 with software CD
Jupiter 8v -Download
V Collection - Download

I have an Arturia dongle and activation codes for everything
I will be selling to different buyers so the dongle will go to the
V Collection Buyer

Can you please help me - if possible can someone walk me through this
step by step as I don't want to get it wrong

kind regards

KeyLab / Re: Keylab 49 - All keys NOT working
« Last post by Arturia sucks on August 16, 2014, 08:01:48 am »
So, after talking to sweetwater tech support, we decided to try and replace the broken unit with another one. Thanks Sweetwater! These guys really are the best. Unfortunately, when it arrived, half of the metal things on the keys (aftertouch maybe?) were flopping around inside the box... I plugged it in anyway and it worked, except for the top octave. Then I (stupidly) updated the firmware. Then nothing worked.

I went back to my email from arturia and decided to open up the other (not physically damaged one) whose keys didn't work to see if there was an obvious error from the factory.


Plugged it in, put the case together, turned it. It works like a charm.

So basically, thanks Sweetwater, and (sort of) thanks Arturia! You helped me decide to open it and see the fatal error. By the way, your factory in china is terrible at putting things together.

This will probably be my last post here. Hope everyone gets their problems sorted.
Spark Users Community / Re: Controlling Pro Tools transport from Spark LE
« Last post by HubyBlake on August 16, 2014, 04:31:11 am »
No one? :(
Thanx! I'l try that.
KeyLab Presets Zone / Re: Pizzicat preset drowned in reverb!
« Last post by Amalgamoth on August 16, 2014, 12:15:30 am »
Hi just open the jupiter 8v in the studio view,when the jupiter 8v plugin opens go to effects click on the reverb and use the hf damp to bring down some for the verb.

Thanks for the tip Terrym. However, when in Studio mode in Analog Lab I can't seem to locate an Effects section, apart from the effects from the knobs and sliders, none of which direct me specifically to settings for reverb and hf damp (at least not where jupiter 8v is concerned). I'm at a loss here! Is reverb adjustment only possible in the stand-alone package for j-8v, or can I also find this in Analog Lab?

(I imported your edited pizzicat version (thanks for that) but it is on the very opposite side of the spectrum. I'm looking for something that is not too reverby but not too dry either.)
MiniLab / Re: Can't Download Analog Lab Installer
« Last post by chrisflow on August 16, 2014, 12:11:48 am »
I have the exact same problem but with the V Collection.

Safari won't open the link at all. Chrome downloads nearly the whole file 1.9Gb and then nothing. I pause/restart download and no more data comes and the file is an incomplete "Arturia_V-Collection_3.dmg.crdownload" that cannot be opened.

I've got a hardwire ethernet connection at 16 Mbps so my end isn't the problem, connection wise.

Screen shot attached
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