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Spark Technical Issues / Re: Import of .spk Files does not work.
« Last post by Seiishu on April 14, 2014, 08:50:38 pm »
Hi Kevin,

I am trying SPK file from this ZIP on this page:

and this one too:

None of them is showing when I open my folder where I placed them.

Is there any email address I could use to report this along with screenshot directly to?
That's sorted it!  Wonderful, thank you so much for that explanation!  I'd assumed that changing the MIDI channel in the hardware would reset all the pads/channels to the selected channel, regardless of what the MCC had them set to.  It makes sense having to set each individual pad to Global, now that I know that's what you need to do.  It's not made very clear though.  I'm also a bit surprised that it doesn't come pre-programmed like that, rather than having everything set to MIDI channel 1 out of the box.

Now for some fun!  Thanks again terrym!   ;D
Users' corner / The One - No Activation Code.
« Last post by tone114 on April 14, 2014, 08:25:27 pm »
Hello, I recently tried to install the demo trials for the package and in step 1/3 after entering my email twice I get no activation code in the field, or in my email address. Please somebody contact me and help me get an activation code. The email I used is the same as the one for my forum profile.
Spark Beta Test / Re: Spark 2 Beta my reported bugs/observations
« Last post by sparki on April 14, 2014, 08:18:54 pm »
in fl-studio 11 i cant route the mixer outputs anymore. in spark1 i used the fruity wrapper to assign the aoutputs (i used "automap"). but spark 2 doesnt offer this anymore, it seems like the spark2 plugin has just one (1) output. what am i doing wrong?
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Changing MIDI channel with the hardware
« Last post by terrym on April 14, 2014, 08:16:18 pm »
Hi , i will try to explain what to do to get beatstep to be able to change channels using beatstep only you need to open mcc and changed sequencer to global and then all pad where the channel number is to global and the control knobs as well if you wish to control that synth ,then press sync and save name your template then save to a memory .remember all memories are different .this means you can set it up to a  synth that you want to control. turn off mcc making sure you have synced up first.
then you should be able to changed to what channel you want in beatstep.

hope this is clear ,get back to me if you need more help.

BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: A few questions about the beatstep
« Last post by teceem on April 14, 2014, 07:47:59 pm »
1. Yes
2. AFAIK, FL only does relative for supported controllers, and the Beatstep isn't in that list.
3. Not (Yet?)
Spark Technical Issues / Re: I disassembled the machine...
« Last post by CC4 on April 14, 2014, 07:13:04 pm »
Interesting....   :)
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / A few questions about the beatstep
« Last post by Lukeme9X on April 14, 2014, 06:54:05 pm »
Ok, I don't yet own one, but its looking like I will be getting one soon, I just have a few questions about it.

1: Can it receive midi? Like for feedback purposes? Because then it might be possible to use it to emulate a launchpad and use it within FL.
2: Can you make the 16 encoders send as relative CCs instead of absolute, because I am working on a template for FL that means you can control any native or VST plugin like an ableton push, but using relative encoders would be better, so no "jumping" parameters.
(3: Polyphonic step sequencer/Multiple step sequencers? Can you do that? I'm assuming you can't.)

Thanks guys, I hope I will own one of these soon!
terrym - I've just reread your post and that doesn't address the same issue I'm having.  According to all the promo videos I've seen, you should be able to change the MIDI channel via the hardware using the Chan button + pads 1-16.  The tip you've provided is how to set the channel in the MCC.  I want/need to be able to change the channel via the hardware, on the fly, while playing or recording.

I popped into Soundware on my way home tonight and their display model, which is straight out of the box, has exactly the same problem.  We updated the firmware while I was there and tried changing the settings in the MCC Performance Data to Global as terry suggested, but everything still only sends on channel 1.

As I mentioned earlier, changing the Sequencer Mode MIDI channel works fine in the MCC, but the CTRL Mode MIDI channel can't be changed on the hardware with the Chan button and pads, even though all the promo videos I've seen suggest this should be possible.
hi m8 thanks for the reply I tried with autotune on/off from what I can gather its beacause the aturia beatstep is outputting  a certain voltage and so is the moog s/p but different so the difference is being the higher octave works fine in midi just wish I had researched this before  purchase if they implement some kind of tie like reason 7 matrix I will be happy to run in midi if no tie perhaps regretting purchase.
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