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Author Topic: Transfer License From One Computer To Another  (Read 1159 times)


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Transfer License From One Computer To Another
« on: April 25, 2013, 12:24:52 am »
All I want to do is remove the license for my Analog Factory on my PC and relicense it on my laptop. I have read numerous things on how to do this, but none of them makes any sense. What the hell is a dongle? Steinberg Key? Eh? Why can't I just delete the original license and create a new one? I don't understand any of this. I can't even figure out how to delete the old license, let alone get a new one.
Basically I have no clue what to do, starting with step 1. It seems like there is a whole lot of guff to go through just to use my product on a different computer. What am I missing here?


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Re: Transfer License From One Computer To Another
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2013, 12:12:18 pm »
Once you license is downloaded you cannot erase it actually.
So, to transfer your license on a second computer, or simply allow its use on several computers (one at a time), you will need an USB-eLicenser dongle (the famous "Steinberg Key", sold separately), and to transfer the license onto by a simple drag-and-drop in the eLicenser Control Center.
This little video show the simple process:
==> http://www.arturia.com/elicenser (around 2:44)

USB-eLicenser dongles are also used by editors such as Steinberg or Korg. If you don't own any, you may either purchase one from our online store:
==> http://www.arturia.com/buy
...or from any decent music shop, especially Steinberg or Korg resellers.

otherwise, you can PM me.


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Re: Transfer License From One Computer To Another
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2013, 01:14:21 pm »
I recently purchased Arturia's MiniLab as an affordable way to test out Arturia's license system. From reading this forum, I have learned the following:

- Soft eLicenses, once downloaded, cannot be transferred - period.
- If your computer is stolen or dies, your only method to continue to use Arturia software synths is with a hardware dongle.
- The Jupiter synth (and at least one other synth in the V Collection) can ONLY be used with a dongle (!)
- If you DO use a dongle, your soft eLisense will no longer work. Instead, you are required to use the dongle on ANY computer you wish to use.

Please correct me if any of the above observations are incorrect.

Given the difficulties that many users are reporting here, I am sorry to say that I am seriously considering NOT purchasing the V Collection at all.

If Arturia supported an easier way to transfer the soft e-License -- one which guaranteed that I would not wind up stuck in the way other users are describing after having their computer stolen, I would not be so hesitant.

I am definitely someone who will need to be able to work on two computers (separately, at different times) without having to carry a dongle back and forth *every single time* between them.

Unfortunately, the dongle system in its current form turns me off from wanting to own the V-Collection at all.  I will get as much as I can from MiniLab, while I wait to see if Arturia improves its license system.

No matter how good these synths may be, if the license system is an obstruction to using them freely, I don't want to own them.


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Re: Transfer License From One Computer To Another
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2014, 11:39:00 am »
Having similar problems.  :(
Have purchased Analog Factory and Analog Lab over last 2 years and been using them without a hardware USB dongle. The software eLicenser worked fine. Now after buying a new laptop I'm forced to not only go through the process of re-activating my license, but also BUYING a 25 euro dongle I don't want AND from now on using this hardware dongle on my new computer???

Dear Arturia - you make great software but this is not customer friendly at all. Dongles are annoying - they can get lost, you can forget them, they take up USB ports and they cost us extra money. Isn't there a better way to arrange all this?


ps - Very glad I'm not in the middle of a job right now where I would urgently need my Arturia instruments to work, otherwise I'd be really screwed!


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Re: Transfer License From One Computer To Another
« Reply #4 on: January 06, 2014, 09:52:05 pm »
I too purchased the V Collection last year and went through the hassle of getting an eLicenser dongle which to be honest has sat in the drawer since I registered it :(

With my PC I cannot afford to lose another USB port (I already have a hub for the keyboard, mouse, midi controller,  synths, audio interface etc) and with the laptop the dongle is just cumbersome and is liable to get broken as it sticks out like a sore thumb.

It's a shame as I keep seeing adverts for Arturia products and really want to use them (hence me seeing this post)!  Arturia need to take a look at Ableton, FabFilter, U-He, AAS, D16 Group, Camel Audio, discoDSP, iZotope, New Sonic Arts, Sugar Bytes, Cable Guys, TAL, Sonic Charge, fxpansion etc etc

I look forward to the day I can actually use the V Collection.......
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