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Author Topic: All KeyLab25/49/61 Owners  (Read 3108 times)


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Re: All KeyLab25/49/61 Owners
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2013, 01:27:43 pm »

Well said =) we need more voices =) scattered within this forum.. there r a few other users who went thru a lot of research n troubleshooting just 2 get their arturia 2 work in a way or another... without the full functions... but it's useless 4 me becos i cant accept paying the price n not getting the full package... u can pull all ur hair out BP... but u aint gonna get ur arturia fully working becos there r just bugs in the programming n it's not ready 4 public releases.... meanwhile.. these "tech" people r just going 2 tell us "try updating" n "r u doing it the right way".. screw... there r so many people asking 4 the same solutions n they r just sitting pretty n asking us 2 do this properly over n over again... native-instruments no need u to "update n update" again n again.. over n about again.. u just do it once n everything work better than the old version... we r all "beta-testers" 4 arturia's public releases...



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Re: All KeyLab25/49/61 Owners
« Reply #16 on: December 24, 2013, 02:05:57 am »
Original Brand New Keylab 49 Purchase:
- Dead controller
Brand New Replacement Controller:
- Update issues (Resolved by BP)
- Synchronization issues (Resolved by BP)
- Windows 8.1 64bit
- 16gb RAM
- Intel i7
- USB 3.0, USB 2.0 Hub (Powered)
- Cubase 7.5 64bit

I'm throwing my signature in only to say that these simple issues could have been fixed with a more descriptive manual.

Personally, I'm not mad. Luckily for me, other than these hiccups, getting the controller to work has been fairly smooth.


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Re: All KeyLab25/49/61 Owners
« Reply #17 on: January 12, 2014, 02:49:01 am »
Purchased a Keylab 61 from Sweetwater and have had nothing but problems with it, including:

1. When attempting to Store/Recall settings in MIDI Control Center a dialog is displayed: "Error - Failed to open the device."  However, Analog Lab and Analog Laboratory both recognize, and can be controlled by, the Keylab.  I tried updating the firmware to 1.33 and that seems to have worked (at least "KeyLab 61 v1.33" is now displayed when booting, but the upgrade failed according to MIDI Control Center and, still, when selecting "Device -> Firmware Upgrade..." from within MCC, a dialog pops up with the same error as previously i.e. "Error - Failed to open the device"

Bottom line, I cannot load/save presents using MCC so the main impetus for buying this product (to control soft synths and my DAW) is thwarted.

2. Pad 16 doesn't generate as many gradations of values as the other pads (and, yes, I've looked at the midi settings for this pad and they are the same as the other pads i.e. on the Keylab itself, press Edit, then MinLSB and MaxLSB, then tap each pad to compare the values.  I've compared all the settable values between Pad 16 and the other pads and they're all the same).  Too, even the blue light under the pad doesn't illuminate with light taps.  Rather, you have to press on it fairly hard to get it to light up.  So, I'm pretty sure this pad is hardware defective.

3. Wooden end caps shift slightly up/down as if they aren't well-connected (minor, but doesn't instill confidence as to the quality of this product).

4. Various crashes/lockups with Analog Lab, Analog Laboratory, and the V-Collection synths when used inside Digital Performer 8.05, including crashes of DP itself which hasn't happened to me since probably around DP 4.5 or so.  DP 7 and DP 8 have NEVER crashed except after installing Arturia V-Collection 3.

This is all really disappointing for me.  I so much wanted this product to work since it's a great concept.  It just seems like Arturia has no clue about their audience.  By and large, we're musicians, producers, etc, rather than hardware geeks).  We just want to make music.  We DON'T want to fiddle around with unreliable software and hardware.

Thank goodness Sweetwater has a liberal return policy because this controller is going back on Monday.  I can't return V-Collection since it was a download and since Sweetwater doesn't accept returns on software.  But, at least it was on sale for 50% off so I've wasted only $200USD.  Lesson learned.  Stick with more established vendors who understand the needs of their customers.


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Re: All KeyLab25/49/61 Owners
« Reply #18 on: February 06, 2014, 06:10:20 pm »
Well, I am very surprised by this thread.  I've been very satisfied with my KeyLab 25.  It's been everything I want it to be.  And I actually have a good opinion of the support here.

I did have quite the interesting ordeal getting one.  XD  I bought it at Guitar Center, where, as theworldvsme said, I do know the people personally and think very highly of them.  I have to share this, but the salesman who sold it to me was named Arturo.  What's the chance of that?!  XD

Anyway, I brought it home and registered it, got Analog Lab installed, and had a lot of fun with it.  But I quickly came to realize that there was a manufacturing defect in the Modulation wheel, where it would not snap back to 64.  It would reset to anywhere from 63 to 67, and sometimes send ghost data.  So I took it back and exchanged it.  I brought it home, and within two days, the C3 key broke and popped up.  So I took it back and exchanged it AGAIN, and now I have a beautifully functional and playable instrument!

For the record, I DO NOT blame Arturia for this.  I blame the fact that Murphy's Law has a particular liking for me.  The fact that I had all this trouble does not surprise me in the least.  :D

Anyway, I needed support with both returns to make sure that the previous KeyLab had been properly deregistered (As I had as yet failed to see the obvious button that releases a product from your account. Derp!).  After writing in a support ticket, I received an email that it had been deregistered within two minutes.  I was so impressed with the speed, that I wrote in another email just to tell the support team how satisfied I was.

As for the controller itself, I'm very satisfied as well.  I wanted a keyboard with a lot of controls that could be quickly and easily moved between 0 and 127 to do things like dubstep basslines.  The sliders on my KeyLab are perfect!  I also wanted a keyboard that was small and portable, without sacrificing functionality.  Found it!  It would be nice if the KeyLab 25 had pads, but I don't use pads that much anyway, so they would just be a toy to play with.  As this was my first MIDI controller, I had always done drums either on my computer's typing keyboard, on a piano keyboard, or entirely within my DAW.  If I want pads, I can shell out a bit of money for a separate pad controller.  Akai has them for $40.  But I'm really happy with my KeyLab.

I even use my KeyLab as a DJ controller.  Maybe it's weird, but I have a feeling that ten years from now, when I've got plenty of money for Traktor or Pioneer DJ, I'll still be dropping beats on a 25-key keyboard.  :D

I'm really sorry that you guys are all having such problems.  If your keyboard isn't functioning, I would try to get it exchanged for one that works.  Don't give up on Arturia because you have a defective product, get your money's worth.

Mike, that's my advice for you, too.  If your KeyLab is as brand new as you say, go back to where you bought it and have it exchanged for another.  There should be a warranty of some sort.  I just hope that you can get as much good out of your keyboard as I've gotten out of mine.

With all the bad rap about Arturia here, I wanted to share a positive story.  I hope I can help others solve their problems with Arturia, and get their every penny's worth out of their KeyLabs.

As so many have said, Greetings and well wishes!



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Re: All KeyLab25/49/61 Owners
« Reply #19 on: February 14, 2014, 11:10:22 am »
Hello fellow-keylab-victims,
Same shit over here (in The Netherlands)...
I was really looking forward to enjoy the keyboard (Keylab49) in conjunction with the Analog Lab and Reason, which I use as my main DAW.

The Analog Lab Software is working brilliantly... But there it ends...
My Midi Control Center does not recognize the Keyboard at all. Therefor I am not able to update firmware, load presets and make the much needed connection with my Reason Software.

This is really driving me crazy, since I have tried ALL solutions mentioned by Forum-posters and the Arturia-responses.

The Keyboard must be working properly somehow, due to the fact that the Analog lab software does everything it should effortlessly.

It would be very nice if Arturia addresses these problems and brings out some kind of patch to solve all this trouble.
It really strikes me that this problem is going on for so long and nothing seems to have happened sofar. Shame on you Arturia!
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Re: All KeyLab25/49/61 Owners
« Reply #20 on: March 24, 2014, 01:52:12 am »
Wow, I wanted to love Arturia, but you guys have lost me as a customer for life. I just spent an afternoon not making music so I could integrate my new keylab 25 into my audio setup. I bought it so I could have a common platform with a friend of mine who is moving across the country. The experience has been infuriatingly, insultingly complicated. Based on the risible customer experience you have provided, I am moved to make the following suggestions:

1. Fix this page: http://www.arturia.com/evolution/en/support/keylab-start.html There is no download link for the MIDI Control Center; contrary to the instructions, the links to the firmware updates do not contain the necessary .exe for MIDI Control Center. WTF? I first had to try to figure out what I was supposed to do with the .bin file in the firmware update .zip, eventually realized that I didn't have software that I needed, and then had to go looking for an installation file that I wasn't sure was even appropriate for my situation. Fortunately, I guessed correctly. As a customer, I shouldn't have to cross my fingers and hope that I'm installing the right software on my machine.

2. Fix the ticketing system on your website. I created three tickets requesting authorization support. I never received an email confirming any of my requests. My account never indicated that I had any open requests and I see from looking around on the forum that I am late to the party in recognizing this problem. This is an absolutely astonishing, reprehensible oversight on your part. It is the major reason I will not do business with Arturia in the future.

3. Find a new authorization scheme. Your licensing regime is a deal-killer for me. My audio computer is air-gapped. I don't think I should have to compromise the security of my workstation to install software and in the case of every other product I work with, I don't have to. If I didn't require the Analog Lab software to exchange sessions with my friend, I would have returned this controller already. The amount of time and labor I spent pulling my rack-mounted CPU, which doesn't have a wireless card, so I could drag it close enough to a router to connect it with a CAT5e cable is embarrassing. If your product requires a USB dongle to support an air-gapped computer, then for god's sake say so on the box so that I can buy one when I'm purchasing the damned controller.

The amount of head-trauma and time I have had to invest in installing a $250 controller is galling. The value of my time was worth more than I paid for your product. I have a CS-80 sitting in my studio and I just squandered a Sunday afternoon installing a ham-strung emulation of it. Thanks for making me look like an idiot, you turkeys. I look forward to returning the favor whenever your company comes up in conversation.


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Re: All KeyLab25/49/61 Owners
« Reply #21 on: April 05, 2014, 08:06:54 am »
Midi center recognised the keylab 49 but can't update !!!!



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Re: New KeyLab49 - Mike
« Reply #22 on: April 16, 2014, 12:23:48 am »
Brand New ARTURIA KeyLab49
"Bricked" at power up with "Update" error on keyboard's LCD.
Can't update via proper update procedure.
Audio MIDI shows "USB A" instead of "KeyLab49".
Can't work at all

Yeah Me too!!  After unpacking my new KL49.. it has major keybed problems (some of the keys do not work correctly..just bounce up and down...key are all out of alignment..look like a mountain range) that should have been seen at quality control and inspection time.. and not by the customer opening it for the first time..  I have so many problems with mine.. and the software.. Shit that another whole new ballgame here now too.. Now I have been told to buy an e-Licenser dongle to run it, which magically will fix all my problems..  Listen up Arturia.. this not the way to run a company..  "Keep your customers happy"  first rule of business!!!.. because do I so regret buying this KL49.. A costly expense for me that does not work.  Now this is holding up my progress for my recording..  Next time I will buy a "brand" that does.  If you do not listen to your customers.. You will have none.. There will be no more repeat business from me.. and I know a lot of people that will not buy Arturia now because of their problems..  Arturia.. listen up.. you are destined to fail as company, if you keep up this type of BS..  I just wish I could return my KL49 for a refund.. but I cannot because I have been trying to deal with tech issues too long now that the company I original purchased it from says no go on return as it has been too long..


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