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Author Topic: microbrute as midi-cv converter  (Read 128 times)


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microbrute as midi-cv converter
« on: July 10, 2014, 10:12:18 pm »
Just to confirm ( i'm petty sure it will) midi out from synth to Microbrute midi in to CV outs on micro brute to what ever cv in's pitch,gate,lfo and env. Now does that bypass the Micro's panels control?  So lets say a subphatty to control eurorack. Would it blend the CVs  or bypass ?



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Re: microbrute as midi-cv converter
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2014, 07:10:05 am »
Hey, Slabwax,

It neither "blends" CV nor bypasses. It simply behaves as though the MIDI notes are triggering the MicroBrute's keyboard.

My connections are as follows: Mopho Keyboard's MIDI Out (sending on Channel 2) to MicroBrute's MIDI In (receiving on Channel 2), MicroBrute's CV Gate Out to Minitaur's Gate In, MicroBrute's Pitch CV Out to Minitaur's Pitch In. When I play the Mopho Keyboard in this scenario, it triggers the Minitaur. When I play the MicroBrute, it also triggers the Minitaur. Playing keys on both instruments works exactly like playing multiple keys on the same instrument. Ditto with pitch bend.

Pitch modulation from the MicroBrute's panel does not modulate CV.

This setup is not perfect with respect to pitch. The pitch range is higher than it should be, and the pitch itself is almost a half tone off on the Minitaur. I don't have enough CV gear to determine whether the MicroBrute or the Minitaur is at fault. My multimeter reads .99 volts per octave out of the MicroBrute (1.00, 1.99, 2.98, 3.97, etc). But my meter is one of those six-dollar jobs from Menard's, and I can't imagine that .99 volts per octave would explain the large difference in pitch I'm hearing out of the Minitaur. So I think my testing is not conclusive.

Edit: Apparently I need to calibrate my Minitaur per Assuming that works, the MicroBrute's CV does the job.
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