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  • Reminder : Before starting, you must create an account, or log into your account

    Important Note : This Authorization process is related to eLicenser protected product, Read more
  • **1** Get an USB-eLicenser
    This will help you to transfer easily your eLicenser license. Go [here] in the accessories section. If you encounter trouble, contact

    Read more

  • Here is how to download your license:
    1. Update your eLicenser Control Center from <>
    2. Launch the eLicenser Control Center
    3. Click on the "Enter Activation Code" button on the interface
    4. Enter the code ==> xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and click Next
    5. Download the licens...
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  • This symptom sometimes occurs when a version of the eLicenser Control Center, more recent than the one contained in the virtual instrument installer, already is installed on your machine. This is easily resolvable:

    [Mac OS X]

    1. Make sure to have the latest eLicenser Conrol Center installed.
    2. Close any application, then open a Terminal ...
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  • First, check in your Spam Folder

    Second, This command could wait for the paypal payment.

    Third, Check if you were charged on your paypal account

    If yes : send us the transaction ID.
    If not : we will cancel the order and generate a new coupon.

    Read more
  • Sometimes the system fails because multiple programs are using eLicenser at the same time. The first thing to try is rebooting the computer and relaunching the install before you launch any other application.
    If you are on a Mac,  during the install press "apple key" + "L". Read more
  • This issue sometimes occurs when a version of the eLicenser Control Center, more recent than the one contained in the virtual instrument installer, already is installed on your machine. Though it looks like a lot of work it is easily resolvable:

    [Mac OS X]

    1. Make sure to have the latest eLicenser Conrol Center installed.
    2. Close any app...
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  • MAC

    To completely uninstall a program from a MAC computer please delete the following folders:
    /Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Pl...
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  • You can find all of our updates here

    You can find the updates for your eLicenser Control center on the eLicenser website

    Read more
  • How to Install my Spark


    Here are the steps:

    1/ Open the installation software

    2/ After the Welcome message, click NEXT

    3/ Read more

  • How to Activate my Spark

    Please note that Spark is NOT eLicenser-protected.

    Here are the steps:

    1/ Open the software in StandAlone mode

    2/ open your Mail box you have received the arturia registration mail...
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  • In order to use a coupon:

    1) From the Arturia home page go to the "Buy" section
    2) After deleting your country choose the Product DOWNLOAD
    3) Later on the page where you are asked for your payment method, please redeem the above coupon

    Then everything should be alright!
    Please come back to us for any further assistance, Read more
  • Depending of your Hardware, it's important to use the adapted PSU.

    Read more
  • You can find your serial number from different ways:

    1.  If you bought it from a shop, it is written on your registration card.
    2. If you bought it online, check your email box / SPAM folder,
    3. For Har...
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  • Would you need a new activation code:

    1. Log into your account
    2. Go to the "My Arturia" section
    3. Click the "Authorization Troubleshooting" button
    4. Click the "I need a new activation code" link
    5. Carefully read and follow the instructions until the completion of the new code getting process

    If for any reason the license download was interrupted, please use the "Maintenance" button on the eLicenser...
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  • ==> In each Plugins there is 3 parameters categories

    Parameter Names
    - All Parameters (the Graphic Users Interface)
    - MIDI Parameters (Can be controlled by a MIDI Controller)
    - Automated Parameters (Viewed by a DAW and can be Automated)

    All parameters are Native
    Not all Native parameters, may b...
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  • As described in your User's Manual, to transfer your license on a second computer, or simply allow its use on several computers (one at a time), you will need an USB-eLicenser dongle (the famous "Steinberg Key", sold separately), and to transfer the license onto by a simple drag-and-drop in the eLicenser Control Center.

    This little video show the simple process:
    ==>  Read more
  • If the plugin was already registered, ask the previous owner to contact us to remove their registration in order to leave it free for your account.

    The first owner can also do this by himself :

    Click on the option DELETE under "My Products"
    This action will allow you ( the new owner) to register it correctly.

    Please make sure the previous user has provided you with both ...
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  • First of all, verify that files :

    • [Windows] "<instrument>.dpm" is correctly installed in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Digidesign\DAE\Plug-Ins".
    • [Mac OS X] "<instrument>.dpm" is correctly installed in "/Library/Applications Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins/".
    Check that only the latest version of the plugin is available in this folder, and that you don't have any 'arturia engine' ...
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  • This delay is due to the latency of your soundcard.

    To get a better latency you must use an ASIO compatible soundcard and its ASIO driver.
    ==> Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to enable Spark multiple audio outputs in Logic.
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  • The Spark MIDI Control Center can connect to the controller only when the controller is in MIDI Controller mode.

    To switch between Spark mode and MIDI Controller mode, you have to press at the same time [Filter]+[Slicer]+[Roller] buttons. Read more
  • The SPU update file is located here, depending on your operating system:

    • [Mac] /Library/Artura/Spark/Resources/update/Spark_V1.1.2.2.spu
    • [Win Vista/7] C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Spark\update\Spark_V1.1.2.2.spu
    • [Win XP] C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Arturia\Spark\Resources\update\Spark_V1.1.2.2.spu
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    Spark 2 is a free update for any  Spark 1.x (Spark Creative Drum Machine, SparkLE) users.

    With the same Activation code (available on your Spark 1.x account), you will activate your Spark 2 software.

    More details on Activation here:



    Read more
  • Start Logic, go to menu Window > Environment:

      • Select "Click & Ports"
      • New > Instrument
      • Connect "Spark Private In" to the newly created "Instrument"
      • Close the window
    This little video shows the full process:
  • MicroBrute provides MIDI via USB only for these parameters:

    1. MIDI OUT:
    ==> Velocity
    ==> Mod Weel
    ==> The keys

    2. MIDI IN:
    ==> Velocity
    ==> Mod Weel
    ==> The keys
    ==> The clock Read more
  • Go to options/external device.

    Make a new instrument. Choose BeatStep in Receive from and in Send to.

    Check Send MIDI clock/Use MIDI clock Start/Send MIDI Timecode.

    Then make a new Keyboard

    Select BeatStep as receive from and send to
    Read more

    Since v2.5, the Analog Factory ships with the MIDI Control Center, which let you change the MIDI channel of your keyboard, as well as (re)assign its controllers.

    The MIDI Control Center installs automatically as a separate application alongside the Analog Factory software.


    This can be done via SysSex message.

    In your favorite synth...
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  • [markdown]
    Analog Lab can play chords if any MIDI note is send on MIDI channel 10. Arturia MiniLab pad pad send MIDI note on channel 10 but Fruity loops doesn't map this channel to the VSTi.

    - In order let channel 10 go to Analog Lab open MIDI OUT via : CHANNELS/add one/MIDI OUT
    - In MIDI OUT select channel 10 and port 10


    Read more
  • If only the keys are operating.

    In all cases, first make sure that in standalone mode everything runs just fine, all knobs and faders are serviceable.

    In Fruity Loops this is a bit tricky, as this host does not handle some MIDI CC's, so that you have to set them manually.

    1. Click on the Plug-in Options menu, select "Browse Parameters".

    2. Turn a *virtual* kn...
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  • The signal from the midi out controller is sent directly to the HOST.

    Read more

  • 1. Open the MIDI Control Center
    2. Click on the Sustain pedal input
    3. In the "Selected Control Parameters" section, set the Min to 127 and Max to 0

    Your pedal should now act as you expect it to. Read more
    1. Make sure you've installed the latest version of your instrument, and that it runs nicely in standalone mode;
    2. In Logic, go in the menu and select Logic > Preferences > Audio Units Manager... 
      When in the plug-ins manager, check that the synthesizer passed the validation and that it's checked as available. If not, just check the tick box to mak...
      Read more
  • To filter the audio without using the keys of your device, you need to plug a minijack 1/8 between the gate in plug and the gate out plug on the back of your Arturia Analog Synthesizer. Read more
  • Just copy the following file from your first computer to the second one :


    Program Files\Arturia\Analog Factory\plugins.prefs Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to drag-and-drop Spark MIDI patterns in Logic.
    Read more
  • An issue that was recently found in eLicenser Control versions starting with
    When this or a later eLicenser Control installer is installed on a 64-bit Windows system, non-admin users (user type "Standard user") cannot start a protected 64-bit application due to missing access permissions for the file synsoacc.dll.
    This results in error messages like "synsoacc.dll could not be located on the system" or "synsoacc.dll does...
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  • MicroBrute can receive the clock from any external source if you configure it:
    1/ Open MicroBrute connection
    2/ Under Module Parameter
    3/ Put the sync button in :
    - Auto : Synchronized on any external clock,
    -- if there is no clock, it is synchronized on the intern clock
    - Int : Synchronized on the internal clock
    - Ext : Synchronized on any external clock,
    -- if there is no clock, it keeps the latest clock...
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  • This tip applies to Analog Laboratory 49 & 61 keyboards only!

    General procedure

    1. Power up your keyboard while simultaneously pressing the [Sound] and [Scene] buttons: the keyboard enters in calibration mode;
    2. Activate the controller for the keyboard to "see" it;
    3. Rotate the [Preset] knob to first set the "Min" f...
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  • To send a Midi Clock Spark from your device to another.

    Note: It's important to be in "standalone" mode.

    Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to record Spark audio in Cubase.
    Read more

    • REX files can be imported through Library > Edit > Import.
    • Sounds (WAV or AIFF only) can be directly drag-and-dropped on the pad of your choice, or even in one of the Layers of the current sample (in the Studio window).
    Read more
  • 1/ Please stop all other applications from running.
    You can do this by double-tapping the home button and quit all other applications.

    - In iOS7 this will be done with a swipe gesture of the respective app from bottom to top.

    - In iOS6 or iOS5 you need to hold your finger on the app icon until a sign appears which then can be tapped to stop the app from running.

    2/ Please increase audio buffer size in Audi...
    Read more
  • The files saved on iPad are called "My Exported Presets.obsx"
    After saving to disk, it would be good to rename it to something else but keeping the obsx extension like SuperSoundSet.obsx or such.

    Important note:
    After loading the new iPad, these presets are not stored in the "My Presets" section, but at the end of the banks list. Read more
  • To switch between relative and absolute Mode on Keylabs, here is the process:
    1/ Power on the KeyLab
    2/ Click on the "Edit" Switch
    3/ Click "Global" on the "edit Parameter/Snapshot - Switches"
    4/ Turn the Param Knob until you see: 
    - Param: KnobMode
    - Value: Absolute/Relative
    5/ Press the Preset/Value Knob Read more
  • There are two ways to do it:

    1. Using AudioBus

    - Start AudioBus
    - Set iSEM as INPUT in AudioBus
    - Set GB aus OUTPUT in AudioBus
    - Switch to iSEM
    - At the right side there is the little AudioBus control panel with the GB icon
    - When you press this icon there should be play & recording controls you can operate from iSEM
    - After recording, GB will have created an iSEM track automatically
    Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to record Spark MIDI events in Logic.
    Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to record Spark automations in Logic.
    Read more
  • [markdown] 1. Click Connect / Select / MIDI / select the MIDI learn Button 2. Select (with your finger) the cut-off knob of the iMini interface. 3. Then select the knob No 2 of your iMini(which correspond to the Cutoff) 4. The Midi Assignment is now removed from the Modulation wheel. Read more
  • [Windows Vista/Seven]

    !!! This is not an authorization problem, however the error message could let it understand; "key" must be understood as "registry key", not "eLicenser key" !!!

    Just delete these 2 files:


      C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Analog Laboratory\standalone.prefs 
    Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to record Spark audio in Ableton Live.
    Read more
  • You will need the following material:

    1 X MicroBrute
    1 X External Sound Card
    2X cable (1/4 male jack vs 1/4 male jack)

    Follow this picture to correctly plug the MicroBrute on the soundCard (focusrite)
    connect microbrute and focusright
    Make ...
    Read more
  • USB: Universal Serial Bus

    If you encounter any connection problem with your computer and your Hardware. Start by following those steps:

    1. Reboot your computer
    2. Try another usb port / preferably on the back panel of the computer
    3. Try another usb cable
    4. Try another Computer/OS


    Read more
  • 1/Open MiniV
    2/ Click on Export Preset/Save it. (on your desktop for example)
    3/ Open App Store
    4/ Select in the App Store the IMini
    5/ As you can see there is a blank plateform.
    6/ Simply drag and drop your presets into it
    7/ On the next synchro, the preset will be loaded in IMini. Read more
  • 1.Make sure to have the latest versions of everything installed: instrument, eLCC, Pro Tools;

    2. Try the plug-in in StandAlone Mode see if it's running fine;

    3. in Pro Tool,
         3.1 Create a stereo i...
    Read more
  • "The following install step failed: run postflight script (...)"

    This error is mainly caused by a version conflict on the eLicenser Control Center, on the Mac operating system. Theoretically, it does not prevent your virtual instrument from having been correctly installed. But to avoid any issue, let's make some cleaning.

    Please delete these files:
    Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to record Spark audio in Logic.
    Read more
  • This happens :

    1. when a cracked software is (or has been) installed on your machine ; delete the SYNSOACC.DLL file and reinstall the eLicenser Control Center;
    2. when a USB port is defective on the computer; please try the dongle on another port on your machine, avoid any USB hub.
    Read more
  • Symptom

    1/ Plug the keyboard alone (without any other MIDI device)

    2/ Switch to update Mode

    • Press : SOUND + EDIT + MULTI at the same time then reboot.
    • Press these keys between 5 to 10 seconds to make sure.
    • "UPDATE" message is showing

    3/ Check the name of the port in AUDIO MIDI SETUP

    • Open Audio MIDI setup
    • Select window
    • S...
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  • You can install directly the latest available update.

    All Arturias updates actually contains the full installation file, so all you would need is the latest version.

    Note: If you have a CD Version, make sure there is no further updates released for your product.

    Read more
  • Spark works with Software and firmware that are two different entities.

    When starting your Spark Creative Drum Machine, a version is shown on the screen. Please note that If any update for this version is available, a message will ask you to update the firmware.

    Update Spark Software does not necessarily imply the firmware. Read more
  • First of all, verify that files :

    - [Windows] "<plugin>.dpm" and "<plugin>..dpm.rsr" are correctly installed in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Digidesign\DAE\Plug-Ins".

    - [Macintosh] "<plugin>.dpm" is correctly installed in "/Library/Applications Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins/".

    Check that only the latest version of the plugin is available in this folder...
    Read more
  • Therefore my license is greyed or not appearing anymore.

    This message occurs at the eLicenser Control Center launch when a consequent change has been made to your system, such as mainboard change, OS migration, or data migration (especially Mac users). The Soft-eLicenser virtual dongle is computed on various computer elements, and some changes can lead to Soft-eLicenser "corruption".

    Fortunately, this is eas...
    Read more
  • This tip applies to Analog Laboratory 49 & 61 keyboards only:

    1. Power up your keyboard while simultaneously pressing the [Sound] and [Scene] buttons: the keyboard enters in calibration mode;
    2. Activate the pedal for the keyboard to "see" it;
    3. Rotate the [Preset] knob to first set the "Min" field;
    4. Set the pedal to minimum position, then *press* the [Preset] knob to validate the shown minimum value;...
      Read more
  • Please use a pre-amplifier and put it to maximum.
    You can also refer to this section of the MiniBrute's Manual:
    ==> Here
    Section: 4.3.6 CV / Gate IN Read more
  • "Pro Tools could not load the following plug-ins either because no valid authorization could be found, the iLok key was not connected or the plug-in was damaged"

    This error happens under some Windows Vista or Seven configurations.

    To solve this, make sure to:
    1. Deactivate the UAC
    2. Run Pro Tools "as administrator"

    More information about the UAC and "Run as a...
    Read more
  • Spark 2 User Presets import

    In order to import a User project created in Spark EDM, Spark DubStep or Spark VDM into Spark 2, follow this method:


    1. Open Spark Dubstep/EDM/VDM
    2. Load your user kit
    3. Go to Library panel
    4. Click on the Edit button in the "Current Project" area
      Read more
  • Close any running application, then:

    1. Update your Analog Laboratory to the latest version.

    2. Launch the Laboratory MIDI Control Center, if the value is incorrect reprogram the pads to notes 120, 121, 122 and 123. "Send to Keyboard", then close the application.

    3. Launch the Analog Laboratory standalone synthesizer, do [Cmd]+cli...
    Read more
  • To change your program via MIDI, you need to send 3 standard messages:

    1. the first one is to select the Bank.
    You need to send a "Control Change" message, number 0 ("Bank MSB"), with as value the bank index; for instance, 5 for bank "J.M Blanchet".
    Beware, even if in MIDI we count starting "0", here you should count starting "1" because value 0 is obviously unused.
    Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to enable Spark multiple audio outputs in Pro Tools.
    Read more
  • First, Make sure to install directly from the latest updates, in this strict order:

    1. Synthesizer
    2. eLicenser Control Center

    Second, (If sill a crash), we need the information below:

      1. Reproduction frequency of the problem ?
      2. Read more
  • If you are not able to connect Spark,

    First, go to "Setup" / "Audio & MIDI settings"

    Make sure the "Audio Device type" is NOT "none".

    If there is no callback audio on your machine, Spark will probably not connect.

    Read more
  • Press "Load", select your preset and while the browser is still open and the preset selected, then swipe from right to left over the selected user preset name like you do in mail.
    Afterwards select the red "del" button.
    Important, you have to select the user preset before that its name is lighted in green. Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to record Spark audio in Pro Tools.
    Read more
  • If you have installed a demo version and now the full version, then, you still get audio drops outs

    Remove the demo plugin in :

    /Library/Audio/PlugIns/VST/ and reinstall the full version
    Read more
  • First, you must configure your Laboratory keyboard to send MMC (MIDI Machine Control) messages:

    • Open The Laboratory MIDI Control Center (update to 1.0.1 or later)
    • Select PLAY button
      • Set Mode to MMC
      • Set CC Number to 2 (CC Number will be the MMC command sent)
    • Select STOP button
      • Set Mode to MMC
      • Set CC Number to 1
    • Select RECORD b...
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  • Screencast tutorial on how to disable Spark private ports in Pro Tools.
    Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to drag-and-drop Spark MIDI patterns in Cubase.
    Read more
  • When you register Storm for the first time, your license is automatically linked to the first and last name that you used to register it.
    If you need a new unlock key (when you change computers or re-install your hard disk), be sure you put your first and last name as you did the first time you registered Storm.

    If you have bought a second-hand version of Storm, you can not register Storm with YOUR first and la...
    Read more
  • If the KeyBoard is not playing the correct semi-tones there is two possibilities:


    1/ Go to the "transposition Mode" directly on the keyboard (Click Octave + and Octave - at the same time dureing 5 seconds)

    2/ Change the Value of the semi tone to 0 by pressing Octave + and Octave -


    You may have the wrong Firmware, you can go Read more
    1. Open Analog Laboratory
    2. Open the preferences
    3. Enable the full plug-in concerned by the preset you want to save
    4. Restart if necessary
    5. Select the Sound preset you need to export
    6. Click EDIT
    7. Click OPEN
    8. In the Full Plug-in, click Save As (New bank for the Modular V, then renam...
    Read more
  • When you save Storm for the first time, your license is automatically linked to the name that you used to save it. Before selling your version of Storm, it is important to delete all the data concerning you on our data base so that the new user can use the license to register it.

    To do this, send an email to our support team specifying the first and last name used to save the software as well as your license number. We will do t...
    Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to record Spark automations in Pro Tools.
    Read more
  • The unlock key of the software depends upon:
    - your license number
    - your first and last name
    - the Seed number (the identifier of the computer calculated by Storm)

    The Seed number is an identifier calculated by Storm during the software's registration phase.
    This number cou...
    Read more
  • * With a computer :
    Should be connected to a rear computer USB port.

    Most of front USB panel are non powered USB HUB, and should not be used.

    * In Standalone :
    Any USB charger with a minimum of 500mA rating should nicely feed your BeatStep.

    Read more
    1. Update the Laboratory MIDI Control Center to the latest version:
    2. Launch the Laboratory MIDI Control Center
    3. Click on the "Default Values" button, then "Send To Keyboard"
    4. Reboot the keyboard, check all knobs an...
      Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to enable Spark multiple audio outputs in Digital Performer.
    Read more
  • Make sure to install your instrument directly from the latest updates, in this strict order:

    1. Instrument
    2. eLicenser Control Center
    Read more
  • On the Laboratory hardware MIDI controller, click on SetUp then on the 6/Global button.

    Param: AftTchCh
    Value: xx 

    ...where "xx" can be:

    • 01...16: the explicit channel number
    • Lwr: sends on the Lower channel
    • Upr: s...
      Read more
  • Spark 2 - Project compatibility

    • Read more
  • Screencast tutorial on how to record Spark MIDI events in Digital Performer.
    Read more
  • When the studio flickers, it means that the audio driver is not correctly loaded.

    Go into the Preferences-> Options Audio and MIDI menu.

    Verify that an output audio is selected.
    If an audio output is selected, the driver is possibly already used by another software audio.
    In this case, try to change the driver.
    Read more
  • In Storm 3.0, you can work with 2 types of data: patterns or MIDI sequences.
    You can connect the factory patterns or patterns you will have created/modified to create a piece.
    It is not possible to create or modify a pattern using an external MIDI device.
    To edit a pattern, you must use the graphical interface of the module or use the Piano Roll of Storm.

    You can also create a MIDI sequence zone for...
    Read more
  • If for any reason the license download failed, you can resume it simply by clicking on the "Recover" button on the eLicenser Control Center, then following the wizard. Read more
  • Go into the program data folder

    1. PC C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Oberhem SEM V\Preset Library\User\

    2. Mac /Library/Arturia/Oberheim SEM V/Preset Library/User\

    There is one sub directory by bank. Read more
  • Something in the Analog Laboratory database is corrupted.

    You can safely delete this file, it will be automatically rebuilt at next launch:(replace <user> with your user name)

     C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\Arturia\Analog Laboratory\Laboratory.db3

    Start again the Analog Laboratory in standalone mode, everything should not complete fine. Read more
  • You have to follow the offline registration procedure when lauching Storm. Respond "No" to the question "Are you connected to the internet". A file will thus be created. Save the file on you hard disk in an easy to find place (the Desktop or "My Documents"), then send this file to The file contains all the information necessary for the calculations of the key. As...
    Read more
  • Go into the program data folder

    1. PC C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Oberhem SEM V

    2. Mac /Library/Arturia/Oberheim SEM V

    3. delete all *.pref, and plugin.prefmidi.xml files

    Read more
  • Storm doesn't support audio latency (audio buffer length) that is too low.

    In Storm, go into the menu "Settings -> Audio & MIDI".

    If you use a DirectX driver, a "Latency" fader is available; increase it little by little until the cracking disappears.
    If you wish to use an ASIO driver, you can launch your driver's configuration panel thanks to the button "ASIO control" located to the right of the "Latency...
    Read more
  • Slicer:

    Activate the following parameters in the Pro Tools automations:

    1. Slicer Size

    2. Slicer Bypass

    Pass the automations parameters



    Use the "Record MIDI from sequenceur" in the Spark Preferences

    Read more
  • It is possible to use audio samples in Storm 3 modules: H30+, Eztrack and Scratch.

    You can easily pose the audio samples on the H30+ grill by dragging & dropping in order to play them. H30+ contains 4 voices.
    You can create sample loops in different patterns then connect the patterns in your piece.

    The speciality of the H30+ module is the sample's "Time-stretcher" (changing the tempo without c...
    Read more
  • Storm works on all the systems no matter what sound card is present.
    It is possible to use a MIDI keyboard in Storm but it is not mandatory.
    Read more
  • Oberheim SEM V quit unexpectedly. Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.

    If this message apear,

    Please go to these repertory:
    ==> MAC : /Library/Arturia/Oberheim SEM V/

    ==> PC: c:\ProgramData\Arturia\Oberheim SEM V\

    And remove these files
    - lastpresetc.pref
    - lastpre...
    Read more
  • To reinstall Analog Laboratory, go to 
    ==> Library/Arturia/Analog Laboratory/
    ==> Make sure that the file Laboratory.db3 is well present.

    If not, make sure you have the correct permissions on all folders:
    ==> Right click on the folder
    ==> get Info
    ==> Make sure you have the correct "Read and Write" selected for all users in the "Sharing & Permissions section.
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  • A standard sound card offers a DirectX driver that is sufficient to use Storm.

    The audio output will be good since it is Storm that generates the sound.
    Your sound card simply serves to translate the sound.
    The translation of that sound can slightly vary in quality due to the card, but you need a good listening system to hear the difference.
    The DirectX driver presents, however, an unavoidable inconvenience: la...
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  • Some conflicts can exist with certain MIDI keyboards.
    Go into the menu "Settings -> Audio & MIDI", and disable all the MIDI attachments.
    If the interface no longer shuts down, it means that a compatibility problem exists between STORM and one of your Midi peripherals.
    Try to isolate the attachment and let us know its name as well as the name of its maker.
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  • Storm 3.0 is not VST compatible.
    It is, however, Rewire compatible.
    VST is a communication protocol designed for plug-ins.

    Rewire is a communication protocol better adapted for autonomous applications such as Storm.
    Most sequencers (Cubase SX, Nuendo, Logic Audio, Digital Performer,...) and autonomous applications (Live, Reason.....
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