Marketing Product Specialist


You will be working in the Marketing Team alongside Product Managers and Sales to create relevent marketing content for our products.

As a Marketing Product Specialist, you will: :

  • Translate the technical aspects of the product into marketing assets, take the benefits of the product, highlight the main usages
  • Create product videos
  • Write tutorial scripts and create the tutorial videos
  • Write performance scripts and create the video
  • Write How To’s and Tips & Tricks scripts and create videos
  • Create public demos
  • Live demos for trade shows and musical events
  • Clinics in stores
  • Live streaming demos + Q&A
  • Train Staff Travel to specific distributors and dealers for staff training
  • Create educational videos for staff training
  • Monitor online users, be active on forums, monitoring and reporting customers insights


  • You already know the music business industry
  • You have great product knowledge, you understand the product either from the technical aspect or the end user benefits.
  • You are an artist or a musician, able to play instruments (keyboards, pads) and produce sounds using electronic and Arturia gear : software, analog synths, step sequencers, MIDI controllers, audio interfaces…
  • Skills in filming and editing is appreciated
  • You are autonomous and confident to perform live demos
  • Traveling every month to demonstrate products at events and stores is required
  • English is your native language
  • Curious, creative and passionate, you love to tackle new challenges and projects
  • You have experience with entire product life cycles : identify and create the content needed at all stages


The position is based at Arturia headquarters at 11 chemin de la Dhuy - 38240 Meylan, France

If this position makes sens to you, please contact us today! Please send you resume and cover letter to: