Stage Ingénieur 2020 - Intégration Continue

LOCALISATION : Au siège de la société Arturia à Montbonnot (proximité de Grenoble, 38), accessible en TC.

CONDITIONS : Stage de fin d'études, 5-6 mois

Envoyez-nous vos CV et lettre de motivation en précisant la référence SW-CI :

Design and build a scalable Continuous Integration system

The main part of Arturia software products are virtual emulation of famous analog synthesizers and physical models of electro-acoustic instruments, in particular the Minimoog or the Jupiter8 synthesizer and the latest released, the Synclavier and the Piano modeling. Musicians can use a MIDI keyboard to control the software sound synthesis done by a software, using the computer’s own processor.

Arturia also conceived a wide range of MIDI controllers, has become famous for the unique sound of the MiniBrute and MicroBrute anolog synthesizers that you can find in almost any professional or home studio, and has released hybrid products, such as AnalogLab (Synthesizers) and Spark (Drum machines), that combine MIDI Controllers with their dedicated software.

The internship:

Each year, Arturia is releasing multiple new software instruments, effects and tools.

Arturia’s software runs on Windows and Mac, but also as plugin’s for multiples DAWs. This implies a huge amounts of nightly builds and test runs paralelized on several instances.

In order to keep Arturia’s software quality at his highest, improving our continuous integration system became a requirement. The purpose of the Internship is to first evaluate the need and define which technology can offer the best for Arturia’s need, then build it from scratch with the objective to replace our current system.


In order to understand the current system and provide the best technical solution to build the next one you will need:

  • Good knowledge of Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Good knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Experience with the C++ programming language
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with Git