Arturia announce Stay Home, Make Music offer

APRIL 2020
Dear partners and friends,
Experts in creating cutting-edge music software and virtual music-making tools Arturia announce their extensive spring sale of 50% off on all individual software titles and soundbanks. The half price offer applies to Analog Lab, Pigments, individual V Collection instruments, individual FX Collection instruments, and all soundbanks.

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Arturia announce "Stay Home, Make Music" offer
with half-price on all individual software titles
After announcing free iPad software and free trial offers, Arturia are launching a large-scale sale of 50% off on selected software titles. The perfect opportunity for music producers to expand their possibilities with virtual instruments, music-making softwares, and sound libraries.

The offer is available for selected software titles, begins on 21st April, is effective immediately and until 7th May.

50% OFF
The legendary keyboards, synths, pianos, organs, and samplers set.
All V Collection instruments are available at half price individually:
  • CZ V
  • Mellotron V
  • Synthi V
  • B-3 V
  • Clavinet V
  • CMI V
  • DX7 V
  • Piano V
  • Synclavier V
  • Stage-73 V
  • Farfisa V
  • Mini V
  • Jup-8 V
  • ARP 2600 V
  • Prophet V
  • Modular V
  • CS-80 V
  • Wurli V
  • VOX Continental V
  • Matrix-12 V
  • Solina V
  • Buchla Easel V
  • SEM V
    50% OFF
    Arturia’s most user-friendly music making software is available at half price. With a rich palette of over 6500 presets for instant music production.
    50% OFF
    A tremendously powerful software synthesizer combining wavetable, virtual analog, granular and sampling for creating the most personal sounds with intuitive workflow and presets from legendary artists.
    50% OFF
    Arturia’s highly acclaimed collection of effects, including preamps, reverbs, compressors, delays, filters, and more. Ideal for completing tracks with a creative touch.
    All individual effects from FX Collection at half price:
  • Rev PLATE-140
  • Rev SPRING-636
  • Filter MINI
  • Filter M12
  • Filter SEM
  • Pre 1973
  • Pre TridA
  • Pre V76
  • Comp VCA-65
  • Comp FET-76
  • Comp TUBE-STA
  • Delay TAPE-201
  • Delay ETERNITY
    50% OFF
    All soundbanks are available to purchase at half price. Expendable in Analog Lab, V Collection, or Pigments, this offer extends to all individual sound packages. New and existing customers can choose from an array of cinematic soundscapes, tributes to legendary artists such as Pink Floyd or Aphex Twin, or genre-specific packs including house, trance, trap, or hip-hop.
    Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999, Arturia specialises in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians. They are a team of passionate people, dedicated to musicians. Their aim is to create original and different instruments, imagine new experiences, and reinvent products. Operating in 55 countries, they have offices in France, the USA, Mexico, and the UK.

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