ARTURIA announces the release of Storm 3.0


ARTURIA announces the release of
Storm 3.0
Grenoble, FRANCE – NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA - January 15, 2004

ARTURIA releases the version 3.0 of its award-winning virtual studio, Storm Music Studio.
Launched in January 2000, updated in May 2001 and September 2002, Storm Music Studio now enters a new dimension with version 3. Discover the latest features of this popular Software:
  • Unlimited rack allowing to load as many instruments and effects as your computer can handle
  • Professional Audio/MIDI sequencer
  • Redesigned expandable mixing-table bringing a new EQ and some new routing possibilities
  • Piano roll for an easier programming of the instruments
  • Full-Midi management: Virtual instruments playable through a MIDI keyboard, Slave and Master MIDI sync, Import or MIDI files.
  • New Sound module loaded with 220 General MIDI sounds.
Meet professional standards with what is probably the most fun and auto gratifying studio of the
moment. 14 instruments and 10 effects allow you to explore any music style; the Hall enables you
to interact with all Storm users online; and with the Composition Assistant, you can improve your
song-writing skills, expand your creative possibilities, and quickly complete a project that sounds
ready for radio airplay.

  • with Cubase™ and Logic Audio™ through VST & ReWire
  • with Ableton Live™, Rebirth™, Reason™ and CakeWalk Sonar™ through Rewire
Sampling Rate: 44100 Hz/ 48 KHz/ 96 KHz
Import/Export of Wave, Aiff, MP3 files.
Software available in 4 languages: French, English, German and Japanese

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