ARTURIA announces the release of Storm Music Studio 2.0



ARTURIA announces the release of Storm Music Studio 2.0
Grenoble, FRANCE – March 8, 2002 – Arturia will be showing the version 2.0 of its successful
virtual studio, Storm Music Studio, at Musikmesse, on booth C09 (Halle 6). In this major update, users
will benefit such features as:

  • The Hall : with this brand-new set of interactive features, the Storm studio goes online! The Hall will enable you to join the community of Storm users, while they are working live in their respective studios. Services available in this first version of the Hall are: News, Chat, File sharing (on a peer-topeer basis), Tips & Tutorials.
  • The Composition Wizard : this assistant will help users to compose and arrange their songs. Different song templates and tutorials will be available for each style of music: Dance, House, Hip- Hop,...
  • The latest modules Shadow (a powerful analog-sounding chord synth), Vocoder and compressor are included in the studio as standard modules. Storm Music Studio now hosts 23 instruments and effects.
  • Support for the latest OS versions: Mac OS X and Windows XP.
  • Redesign of the sound synthesis algorithms in some modules: Equinoxe (chord sequencer), Bass 52 (bass guitar emulator) and Chorus (effect). The overall quality of the sound has been thoroughly improved.
  • Redesign of the ergonomics of different modules, including the Arsenic bassline synth, the
    Distortion and RingMod effects.
  • Recasting of the artwork: all graphics in Storm Music Studio are now homogenized. All modules
    will have the same graphical design to help recognition and ease of use.
  • Ability to launch and synchronize two Storm studios together on the same computer. Useful for
    increasing the number of modules running together, or for live performances.
  • Improved sample libraries.
  • Improved registration procedure.
  • Audio samples :
    • Ability to import several samples simultaneously.
    • Ability to import samples into the studio by drag & drop operations.
    • Improvements in EZtrack (ability to choose the audio source with one click).
    • Bug fixes in H3O+ (problems reading samples and loading patterns).
    • Improvements for audio exportation.
  • Bug fixes.


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