ARTURIA announces the release of the ARP2600 V


Arturia announces availability of BeatStep Pro sequencing powerhouse
Grenoble, FRANCE – AES Convention, San Francisco, CA – October 28, 2004

ARTURIA’s ARP2600 V is the reproduction of one of the finest analog synthesizer ever made: the
ARP 2600.
Introduced in 1972 with its “Blue Meanie” version (not even 100 were built), the ARP 2600 has evolved over the years to become a synthesizer celebrated by the most respected musicians. Capable of creating amazing sounds thanks to the exclusive ARP technologies, it can be operated with or without patch cords since all of the functions are internally wired and can be controlled via sliders and switches.

With the ARP2600 V, Arturia brings this powerful semi-modular synthesizer back to life. Offering all the features of the original version, Arturia has added innovative functions such as MIDI control, polyphony, and – hidden behind the speaker panels - revolutionary tracking generators and additional effects.

The ARP2600 V is loaded with more than 400 presets made by a selection of top musicians. Fully compatible with the main protocols and systems in the industry, it can be used as stand-alone software or as a virtual instrument.

The ARP2600 V is based on a set of algorithms created by Arturia’s sound engineers and gathered under the name TAE®. TAE® stands for True Analog Emulation. It brings a superior quality of sound when reproducing analogue circuits. In particular, TAE® avoids any sort of aliasing; it also emulates the typical instability of hardware oscillators and brings the warm sound of the vintage synths.

Required minimum configuration :
  • PC / Windows: 256 MB RAM ; 1 GHz processor
  • Mac OS X: 256 MB RAM ; 1 GHz processor

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