ARTURIA announces V Collection and Analog Laboratory bundle



Grenoble, FRANCE – December 27, 2010
 Arturia announces a great offer for the Holiday Season: a special bundle at a very special price!

The V Collection combined to Analog Laboratory offer a complete production suite that will

enhance musicians’ creativity by making sound production extremely fast, with no compromise

on sound quality.

While the V Collection offers all the emulations of the most legendary and sought after

synthesizers: the Moog Modular, the Minimoog, the CS-80, the Prophet 5, the Prophet VS, the ARP

2600 and the Jupiter-8; Analog Laboratory allows to control all of them from a simple and

straightforward interface. It is now possible to browse unique library of sounds made from the

Arturia classic synths, open any of those seven legendary machines, tweak the sounds in-depth

and save those sounds in The Laboratory preset list. The combination makes perfect sense.

Analog Laboratory also includes 200 scenes organized by genres, with drum loops, layering, multi

and advanced arpeggiated melodies adding a Live and playful dimension to this unique


Analog Laboratory + V Collection 2:

o 3500 synthesizer sounds selected from the Arturia Classic Synths: Minimoog-V, Moog

modular V, CS-80V, Prophet-V, ARP2600 V and Jupiter-8V.

o One unique and simple interface to access and tweak all sounds. Only the most

important sound parameters are accessible.

o Organize Presets view by Name, Instrument, Type, CPU usage, Favorites, or User Preset.

o Fast filter the presets to meet requirements: by Instrument, Type and Characteristics

o Full screen preset editing: Analog Laboratory allows opening any Arturia Classic Synth

plugin for in depth patch editing in a separate window. It is also possible to assign any of

the 4 key parameters of the Laboratory to one knob of choice inside the favorite software


o TAE® technology: Arturia’s proprietary technology for emulating analog circuits, the best

analog sound you can get in digital format.

o Scene mode:

o Combine 2 synthesizer sounds over a MIDI keyboard in either split, layer or multi


o Assign melodic phrases based on advanced arpeggiation thanks to the library of

200 melodies organized by genres.

o Trigger Drum loops from the pads thanks to a library of 350 Rex files.

o Set to Control with your external MIDI keyboard in just a few clicks

o Full compatibility with major formats and hosts on Mac OS X and Windows XP or Vista


V Collection and Analog Laboratory for the price of the V Collection only: MSRP $549 / 499€
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