ARTURIA announces version 1.3 of Origin Now Shipping



Grenoble, FRANCE – February 4, 2011

ARTURIA announces that version 1.3 of Origin is now shipping. This new version includes:

◊ Jupiter 8 template:
The Origin 1.3 firmware embeds the new Jupiter 8 template which recreates the unique voice architecture and design of this legendary analog synthesizer.

◊ New play modes:
o POLY_UNISON: emulates the Jupiter8 “UNISON” mode, that shares up to 8 voices between the currently active notes. (Currently not available for MULTI presets.)
o UNISON parameter for MONO programs: allows the user to set the number of voices that will play simultaneously for the MONO program. UNISON “polyphony” can be set to a value between 2 and 8 in SINGLE mode, and is limited to 2 in MULTI mode.

◊ Sequencer switch automation:
Actions on the Sequencer “LOOP” and “PATTERNS” switches can be recorded as MIDI CONTROL CHANGE messages and replayed.

◊ Compressor module:
The Origin sounds can now be processed through a brand new compressor FX module. The compressor allows adding dynamics to the sound, from smooth attacks to huge pumping effects.

◊ Sample & Hold module:
Derived from the ARP S&H. Takes any modulation (LFO, Env…) signal at its inputs and provides a sample and hold modulation signal at its outputs.

◊ User Interface enhancements:
o In a number of dialogs possibility to navigate between the controls and change their value without pre-selecting them.
o Possibility to select the slot preset to load using the keypad + the edit switch. Previously it was necessary to use the browser to load a slot preset.
o A new layout of the dialog makes configuration of the “live” macros easier.
o The user can now define a set of favorite presets and navigate thru them with the Preset Browser.
o A clear feedback – using speaker icons - of the mute state of a Voice output on the FxMixer page, of the slot output on the Multi page and on the program icon in the preset bar.
o Possibility to set 2 or more MULTI slots in the hold state in a single action by keeping their “Edit” switches pressed when “Hold” is set ON (or OFF).

◊ Portamento glide time:
Adding of a second way to manage the portamento glide time: the user can now choose between a constant time for the whole glide, or a constant time per semitone.

◊ Switch pedal:
It is now possible to configure the switch pedal action in the “Performance” page.

The Origin Firmware 1.3 is available as a free update, and comes embedded in the new Origin
Keyboards and Origin Desktops.
This upgrade is free for all Origin customers



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