ARTURIA announces version 1.5 of the Mini V


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ARTURIA announces version 1.5 of the Mini V
Grenoble and Paris, FRANCE – Musik Messe, Frankfurt, GERMANY – April 6, 2005

On April 20, Arturia will release version 1.5 of the Mini V. This update will be free to all registered users and will be downloadable from
Version 1.5 includes improvements to the audio engine and strives to be even closer to the original model’s behavior. Users will be excited for these improvements and to see…

- An improved filter (that is even more stable, closer to the original, and more reactive towards the envelopes. It is also improved in the FM mode).
- Improved envelopes, perfectly reproducing the original envelopes
- Reshaped Saw-Ramp and Triangle wave forms.

These changes are all part of a broader evolution of the TAE® engine to begin in November 2005.


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