Arturia concludes Celebrating The Keys Behind The Melodies promo pricing on iPad apps musical high


GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware developer Arturia is proud to conclude its informative
and attractive ‘Celebrating The Keys Behind The Melodies’ pricing promotion on an iPad musical high,
offering an attractive 50% discount on its iProphet, iMini, and iSEM soft synth apps until September 7…

 Starting on August 18 with the 25th anniversary of British synthpop pioneers Depeche Mode’s monumental hit single ‘Enjoy The Silence’ (and attendant album Violator), which made much musical use of the trailblazing Seventies-vintage ARP 2600 semi-modular synthesizer — brought back to life as Arturia’s award-winning ARP 2600 V, Arturia has been busy celebrating the release of a significant number of renowned recordings by announcing daily discount deals on its authentic-sounding software emulations of the trailblazing keyboards that helped those recordings make musical history. Having broadened its appeal beyond the laptop and desktop domain by successfully entering the iOS soft synth market, what better way to conclude ‘Celebrating The Keys Behind The Melodies’ than by offering an attractive 50% discount on iProphet, iMini, and iSEM? Step back in time one last time, then, to (re)discover three more renowned recordings… and, this time, the trailblazing keyboards that inspired Arturia’s award-winning apps.

‘Robot Rock’ from French electronic dance duo Daft Punk’s Human After All album that topped the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart ten years ago includes sampled portions of ‘Release The Beast’ by American funk and soul band Breakwater (recorded back in 1980), which, in turn, showcased the trailblazing Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, the world’s first fully-programmable polyphonic synthesizer. By bringing the still-sought-after sound palette of Sequential’s swansong, the Prophet VS Digital Synthesizer, to iPad, Arturia’s iProphet is
trailblazing, too — not least that it is available on Apple’s App Store for only 4.99 EUR/$4.99 USD until September 7!

Michael Jackson’s Thriller needs little in the way of introduction. In little over a year after its 1982 release date it became — and remains — the biggest-selling album of all time, now exceeding 65-million copies worldwide! Title track ‘Thriller’ — the final (seventh super-successful) single to be taken from the album — features a killer synth bassline, courtesy of a Minimoog™ monosynth, most likely the most famous synthesizer of all time. Arturia’s award-winning iMini not only truly transports the functionality of Dr Robert Moog’s namesake historic hardware synth to iPad, but takes things several steps further with chorus, delay, and even a polyphonic mode… and all for only 4.99 EUR/$4.99 USD (until September 7)!

In their Seventies heyday, British rock superstars Supertramp drew their sonic signature from a number of then-contemporary synthesizers, including, interestingly, an Oberheim® Four Voice, a Seventies-vintage polysynth made up of four instances of Oberheim®’s dual-oscillator Synthesizer Expander Module® (SEM). Starting life as an add-on synthesizer module for fattening up Minimoogs before becoming a sought-after sound in its own right, those signature SEM sounds can be heard on ‘Fool’s Overture’, the epic closing track to Supertramp’s 1977 long-player Even In The Quietest Moments…, their first Gold-certified (500,000-copy-selling) album in the US. It was later recognised as one of the 200 greatest albums of all time in The World Critic List, ranked at number 63 by notable rock critics and DJs. For a limited time, those high-flying signature SEM sounds (and more) are easily accessible via Arturia’s award-winning iSEM app, available to iPad owners for only 4.99 EUR/$4.99 USD (until September 7)!

No iPad? No need to feel left out as all of Arturia’s Analog Classics discounted during the ‘Celebrating The Keys Behind The Melodies’ pricing promotion are still available at an attractive 50% discount until September 7! Join us as we conclude ‘Celebrating The Keys Behind The Melodies’ with these authentic-sounding software emulations of the trailblazing keyboards that helped those recordings make musical history: ARP 2600 V (celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ARP 2600 being used by Depeche Mode on ‘Enjoy The Silence’ from Violator); Solina V (celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Eminent/ARP Solina String Ensemble being used by Joy Division on ‘Isolation’ from Closer); Mini V (celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog™ being used by Pink Floyd on ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ from Wish You Were Here); Prophet V (celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 being used by OMD on ‘Enola Gay’ from Organisation);
Jupiter-8V (celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Roland Jupiter-8 being used by Tears For Fears on ‘Shout’ from Songs From The Big Chair); Wurlitzer V (celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Wurlitzer 200A being used by Queen on ‘You Are My Best Friend’ from A Night At The Opera); SEM V (celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Oberheim® Synthesizer Expander Module® being used by Herbie Hancock on ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ from Monster); SPARK 2 (celebrating the 20th anniversary of Moby using his unique collection of vintage drum machines on Everything Is Wrong); VOX Continental-V (celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles using the Vox Continental 300 on ‘Help!’ B-side ‘I’m Down’); CS-80V (celebrating the 30th anniversary of Kate Bush using the Yamaha CS-80 on ‘Hounds Of Love’ from Hounds Of Love); Matrix-12 V (celebrating the 30th anniversary of Phil Collins using the Oberheim® Matrix-12 on ‘Sussudio’ from No Jacket Required); and, finally, Modular V (celebrating the 40th anniversary of Tangerine Dream using the Moog modular system on Rubycon).

Still time to make a serious saving and (maybe) make musical history with Arturia, then? Yes, but better be quick (as Arturia’s ‘Celebrating The Keys Behind The Melodies’ pricing promotion ends on September 7)!

 Through to September 7, all Arturia’s time-limited ‘Celebrating The Keys Behind The Melodies’ promo pricing can be accessed online here (together with a notable number of history-making music videos):



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