ARTURIA is announcing a very attractive summer sale



Known for the quality of their software emulation, Arturia is debuting two limited time offers musicians won’t want to miss out on!

Two for one

During the next few months Arturia is offering a two for one deal on all of their software synthesizer titles:
- Modular V
- CS-80V
- Mini V
- Prophet V
- ARP2600 V
- Jupiter-8V
- Analog Factory
- Brass
- The One

Which means for any Arturia software synthesizer instrument purchased, customers will be offered another one for free!

Huge discounts
Customers purchasing the V Collection 2 will not miss out on the savings either: during the same period, the V Collection 2 is $100/100Eur off!

These offers last from July 1st until August 31st 2010.
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