ARTURIA releases 5 new updates to their Classic Synthesizers


Grenoble, FRANCE – February 15th 2012

Arturia announces the release of 5 free updates for their softwares : ARP 2600 V 2.5.1, CS- 80 V 2.5.1, Mini V 2.5.1, Modular V 2.6.1, and Prophet V 2.5.1.

New versions come with enhanced performances in Analog Laboratory, faster User Interface and better export of preset banks.

A particular attention has been given to the Mg emulations. The Mini V now sports multiple MIDI port input, new MIDI control for switches and a brand new toolbar.

Modular V features better window resizing in Pro Tools (Mac OS X).

All updates are free for registered owners.

Main Features:

All updates (ARP 2600 V 2.5.1, CS-80 V 2.5.1, Mini V 2.5.1, Modular V 2.6.1, Prophet-V 2.5.1):
o Compatibility with Analog Laboratory (for full plug-in editing mode on Mac OS X)
o More responsive UI (Mac OS X)
o Preset bank export issue fixed (Windows)

• CS-80 V 2.5.1:
o Compatibility of Logic projects using version 2.0

• Mini V 2.5.1 :
o Multiple MIDI port input
o MIDI control for switches possible again
o Toolbar look harmonization respective with other plug-ins
o Renaming of 64-bit DLL (Windows)

• Modular V 2.6.1 :
o Better handling of window resizing on Pro Tools (Mac OS X)
o Renaming of 64-bit DLL (Windows)

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