ARTURIA releases SHADOW, a 23rd module for the STORM Studio


ARTURIA releases SHADOW, a 23rd module for the STORM Studio
Grenoble, FRANCE -– January 17, 2002 – Arturia releases Shadow, the 23rd module (and the 13th virtual instrument) to be used in the Storm Music Studio. Shadow is a powerful "analog"-sounding polyphonic synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis.
Taking only one slot in the Storm virtual rack (unlike Orpheus, its predecessor), Shadow is a synthesizer fully designed for creating convincing chords and pads without any limit! Shadow provides you with the purest synthesized sound you can get, while emulating an analog sound very close to the sound produced by famous hardware synthesizers in the 80’s.
No sampling, no aliasing and continuous switch between the waveforms contributes to make Shadow the most powerful module that Arturia have ever created for the Storm Studio. While still having all of the ease of use that characterizes the entire range of Storm modules.

The Shadow synth offers you:
  • 8-note polyphony
  • 2 true analog oscillators: no sampling, pulse width modulation (PWM), synchronization of oscillators without ANY aliasing.
  • 2 waveforms: square, sawtooth. Continuous switch between these two waveforms without ANY aliasing.
  • a noise generator
  • A highly valuable multi-mode filter: high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, notch, bell (12 dB/Octave, 2 pole) and hyper-resonant analog filters (24 dB/Octave, 4 pole) in one.
  • MIDI assignable, playable and recordable
  • 64 patterns
  • 128 presets
  • Simplified and innovative programming of chords and pads. Two modes of programming: 100% manual or assisted (automatic correction of notes).
  • And, as all other Storm modules, playable as VST instrument through the Storm Studio (within Cubase VST and Logic Audio).

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