ARTURIA releases SPARK version 1.4



Grenoble, FRANCE – December 22nd 2011

Arturia announces the release Spark 1.4, a major update to their Spark Creative Drum Machine. 

Version 1.4 brings 50 new kits / 448 instruments built by 5 contemporary electronic and hip hop producers. Ranging from deep electro house to the finest urban sounds, the expanded 1.4 library also integrates new faithful recreations of vintage drum machines.

To complete this arsenal, Spark embeds 5 new powerful FX’s such as the Destroyer, the Space Pan and the earth shaking Sub Generator.

Spark beat makers will also benefit from the advanced MIDI out functions, a full range ofhardware shortcuts and the XY pad latch mode that will considerably speed up theirworkflow.

1.4 upgrade is free for all registered users.

Main Features
• 50 new kits / 768 instruments including Hip Hop, Techno, House, Minimal, Glitch, as well as vintage drum machines emulations (TR-606, Linn 9000, KPR-77, Drumulator, and more)
• 5 new effects : Destroyer, Flanger, Limiter, Space Pan and Sub Generator.
• Advanced MIDI Out Function
• New Hardware shortcuts
• XY Pad Latch Mode

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