ARTURIA releases the CS-80V 1.5


ARTURIA releases the CS-80V 1.5
Grenoble, FRANCE – June 2nd, 2005
For many reasons the CS-80V holds a special place in the virtual synthesizer market. Even if in terms of awareness it cannot be compared to the much-acclaimed Minimoog V, it is considered by many musicians as one of the most interesting vintage synths recreated so far. As a matter of fact, in less than two years a group of active CS-80V affectionados has formed, and they are now anxiously expecting and discussing any release, a little bit like Star Wars fans would anticipate any new episode. They should be satisfied with the new version 1.5 that brings some amazing features and enhancements:

New features:
Two new oscillators have been built: One perfectly reproduces the unique CS-80 saw-tooth wave form, showing the typical 30μs pulse at the top of the curve (responsible for an edgy sound). The other one is based on a new triangle algorithm with improved Pulse Width Modulation (an Arturia exclusive).

A new “Settings” window has been added, offering the possibility to tune each voice independently as on the original where 8 electronic cards could be set separately. A global tuning control is also now available.

The Ring Modulator has been rebuilt from the ground, in order to perfectly reproduce the behaviour and the sonority of the original.
The algorithm of the chorus was totally revised and much improved, and the original presets were redesigned.
The ribbon controller does not change the pitch when the notes are releasing! It is active only on the active note, again as the original functioned.

Bug fixing:
Bugs were fixed on the routing of the effects, on the expression pedal and on the modulation

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