How to activate on an offline computer ?

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Check out below instructions to activate your freshly acquired Arturia licenses on an offline computer.

Step 1

Download the Arturia Software Center by clicking the following button:

the ASC

Step 2

Install and launch the Arturia Software Center on your offline computer and click the bottom right Offline Activation button.

login asc faq

Step 3

Generate an activation file by clicking the "Save Request File" button:

asc machine reg

Step 4

Authorize the activation file by following the below steps:


The activation file on an external USB storage device and plug it to an online computer.


The activation file on our system.

Upload Activation File


Your authorized activation file that has been sent to your Arturia account email address.


The authorized activation file back on your external USB storage device and get back to your offline computer.

Step 5:

Load the authorized activation file in your Arturia Software Center with the "Load Activation File" button.

asc install

Your licenses should now be activated.

  • To be effective, the activation requires to be logged in your account in offline mode.
  • The unauthorized activation file extension is: .ascr (The one you upload on our website)
  • The successfully authorized activation file extension is: .ascl (The one you receive on your email)

If you have a problem with the activation, please contact us from this page: Registration Support