How to activate on an offline computer ?

With ASC, you can use the OffLine Mode in order to activate your product on a NOT Internet connected computer.

To do so, here are some steps to follow:

Get the Latest ASC version

  1. Download the latest ASC (Arturia Software Center) version
  2. Copy/Paste the installer on a device (usb Key, External Hard Drive)
  3. Plug the External device on your not Internet connected computer
  4. Run ASC (Arturia Software Center) Installer

Encryption File : ASCR

  1. Open ASC (Arturia Software Center)
  2. When this message is prompted click on Offline Mode:OffLine-MEssage
  3. Then click on the "Save request file" button on your External device     OffLine-Steps
  4. Unplug you external Device from your "Not Internet connected computer" and plug it on your connected computer

Send the File

  1. Connect to your account and go the "My Product Page
    Offline activation
  2. Follow the instruction on the Offline registration page and upload the file when prompted.
  3. This will open a ticket to support Desk with the activation file.

Load the Activation File

You will then receive an email with the procedure to follow, here is a recap:

To activate included products :
  1. Download the enclosed ASCL file. IMPORTANT : Make sure the file is saved with the .ascl extension (a file with a .ascl.txt, will not be recognized by the ASC software)
  2. Copy the File on an external device (USB Key, hard Drive...).
  3. Open ASC (Arturia Software Center) on your Offline Computer.

Once on the OffLine registration Pannel :
  1. Click on the OffLine Mode Button
  2. Click on the Step 3 "Load Activation File"
  3. Select the ASCL File Located on your external device (USB Key, hard Drive...).
  4. Make sure your products are Activated.

Et Voila