How To register and activate my product with eLicenser

: This article is useful only if you are using eLicenser protection system

1. Download and install your product

First download the software from the URL address quoted in the ORDER or REGISTRATION e-mail you've received.

You can also find all our downloads and updates here.

Prior to launching the installer make sure you turn off all applications using eLicenser (Steinberg and Arturia products).

If you see this popup asking for Steinberg Certificate, click on the "Install" button.
Windows Security

If you encounter any issue at that stage,
-- Contact : [ ]

2. Activate your product with the Wizard

To activate your product, start the standalone version of one of the instruments included in the VCollection 3.
If the product you launch was not authorized before, an activation wizard will open.

Click on AUTHORIZE, then click NEXT. Paste your activation code and click on FINISH.

enter activation code wizard s1
enter activation code wizard s2
enter activation code wizard s3

2 bis Activate your product with eLicenser

Elc Activation

In case of any additional issue
-- Contact [ ]

3 Generate a new activation code

If you need to re-install your virtual instrument and have lost your previous license, you will need:

  • An active account on with your registered instrument
  • The latest eLicenser Control Center (eLCC), found Here.
  • An Internet connection
Then follow these steps:

  • Re-install your virtual instrument
  • Next, install the eLicenser Control Center
  • Log on to your account on and request a new Activation Code by clicking on "Activation Support" button below
  • Once we have verified your information and issued your new Activation Code, launch the eLicenser Control Center
  • More information can be found Here.
Please note that the new Activation Code should not be considered as a 2nd license but as a replacement one. This does not grant you the right to operate your virtual instrument on two computers simultaneously; such use of this code would go against the End User License Agreement terms.

I need a new Activation Code

In the case of a Soft-eLicenser complete rebuild, hard drive crash or other major operating system failure, you are granted for a new activation code, allowing you to download a new license.

This process, strictly limited, is offered to the user in order to limit the processing time compared with the regular Technical Support human processing. It is to be used if and only if the problem you face is one of the above circumstances.

Be aware that all licenses movements and dongle status are logged and traceable, and subject to be controlled; any misuse of this support system would infringe the End User License Agreement, and would expose violators to prosecutions.

Get New Activation Code

4 Enjoy the vibes !!

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