How To register and activate my product

In order to use your Arturia products, there are a number of steps that you need to accomplish.


The REGISTRATION is done on the WEBSITE.

The ACTIVATION  is done on your COMPUTER.





STEP 1: Login or create a MyArturia account

All Arturia products must be registered on a MyArturia account.
Please go to and Sign in, or click on the Register button if you do not have an account.



STEP 2: Register your product

Registration is the process of linking your product to your MyArturia account.

For that, you need the following :

    • A MyArturia account
    • The Serial Number and Unlock Code that you were given with your purchase

Once you have these elements, head over to

A. Go to the section called MY PRODUCTS

B. Click on Register a new product button

C. On the registration page:

  • 1. Select your product from the list
  • 2. Enter the serial number you've obtained ( ? )
  • 3. Enter your unlock code (XXXXXX)
    • Except for Hardware synthetizers
  • 4. Click on Register

If the message "product already registered" shows up,
contact :



STEP 3: Install your product

First, download the software from the URL address quoted in the e-mail you received.
Otherwise, you can download it from the Download & Manuals page accessible here.

Prior to launching the installer, make sure you turn off all applications that use eLicenser/ASC (Steinberg and/or Arturia products).

If you encounter any issue at that stage,
contact :




STEP 4: ASC Protection


Activate your product with Arturia Software Center

The Arturia Software Center (ASC) is automatically installed with the V Collection or by any installer of the individual products that use it, so you should not have to install it manually. If you can not find it on your machine, you can always download it here

First, open the ASC application, it can be found here :

  • Windows - C:/program files (x86)/Arturia/Arturia Software Center
  • Mac OSX - /Applications/Arturia/Arturia Software Center

Enter your MyArturia account e-mail address and password, then click on Login
  • If you haven't already created an account, click on "Create my account"
Login ASC 

You should now see your instruments in the list called "My Products".

ASC home 

Once your product is up to date, simply click on the "Activate" button to activate your product.

 VC activate

You should now see the following :


Your product is now activated, enjoy !

For more information, please go to register and activate

If there is any issue, go to : ASC - TroubleShoot

Working on an offline computer ? No worries, the ASC also enables you to activate your software offline; to do so, please Click here.