How to register and activate my product

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Check out below instructions to register your freshly acquired Arturia product and activate your new software.

Step 1: Connect to your MyArturia account with your personal email address & password.
If you don't have an account, you can create one from this page: Create an account

sign in
Step 2: Click the Register New Product button.

Step 3: Fill the text boxes with your product Serial Number & Unlock Code.

serial unlock

Step 4: Click on Register.

Your product should now be registered on your account.

If the registration fails, please contact us from this page: Registration Support
Step 1: Download and install the Arturia Software Center by clicking the following button:
the ASC

Step 2: Launch the Arturia Software Center and log in with your Arturia account email and password.

login asc faq
Step 3: Register your computer.

asc machine reg

Step 4: Activate your license by clicking on the Activate button.

asc product activate 2
> Your plugins should now be activated.
Note: You can activate a license on up to 5 different computers simultaneously.

Step 5: Install your virtual instruments by selecting the product of your choice and clicking on Install.

asc install

Step 1Download the Arturia Software Center by clicking the following button:
the ASC

Note: The installers can be found on the concerned instrument ressources page, or right here: Downloads

Step 2: Install & launch the Arturia Software Center on your offline computer and click on Offline Mode

login asc faq
Step 3: Generate an activation file by clicking the "Save Request File" button:

asc machine reg
Step 4: Authorize the activation file on our website, to do that:

  • Store this file on an external USB storage device and plug it on an online computer.

  • Upload the activation file on our offline activation system from this page: Offline activation

  • Receive your authorized activation file directly on your Arturia account email.

  • Store this file on your external USB storage device and get back to your offline computer.

Step 5: Load the authorized activation file in your Arturia Software Center with the "Load Activation File" button.

asc install
> Your plugins should now be activated.

  • The unauthorized activation file extension is: .ascr (The one you upload on our website)
  • The successfully authorized activation file extension is: .ascl (The one you receive on your email)

If you have a problem with the activation, please contact us from this page: Registration Support

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.