Notes about the eLicenser protection system

When purchasing an Arturia software instrument, you get the right to use it on several computers. But, complying to the End User License Agreement, you can only use this software on one computer at a time, and this restriction is materialized through the eLicenser protection system, using virtual or hardware dongle:

  • Soft-eLicenser: virtual dongle, a kind of cryptographic zone attached to your computer hard drive;
  • USB-eLicenser: hardware dongle, under the form of a little USB key, commonly known as "Steinberg Key".
From a strictly functional perspective, you do not need the hardware dongle in order to operate your instrument on one dedicated computer. But you will need it if you are to use the instrument on several machines:

  • The sedentary user, working strictly on one computer, can use the instrument with the Soft-eLicenservirtual dongle , by default installed on this music prduction computer;
  • The nomad user, who works on several computers, shall use an USB-eLicenser hardware dongle to run the synthesizer on these machines. This dongle is also used by major editors in the music industry: Steinberg, Korg, etc. therefore definitely handy to hold several licenses on only one dongle. It is a pretty cheap device, that can be found about anywhere on the planet.
Once again, it is a practical compromise, not perfect, but no copy-protection system is. But with some experience in the field, we are confident in the pertinence of this protection system.