Splice 3-month free trial


1 - Create a new Splice account at https://splice.com/accounts/sign-up

2 - Once your account is created, click on your account thumbnail and select "Plans"

3 - Select the "Creator" plan (19,99$/month subscription) to land on the Billing page.

4 - Click on "Enter promo code"

5 - Find your promotion code in https://www.arturia.com/myarturia (click on Minifuse "More info" to see your software bundle licences)

6 - Copy/paste the promo code in the Splice billing page and click on "Apply". You'll see the effect on the promotion on your bill.

7 - Fill the rest of the fields with your Payment Method and click on "Submit"

8 - Your 3-month free trial subscription is now registered.

Please notice:

- this offer is available to new Splice Sounds customers only

- the samples that you will download on your computer during your free trial period will still be available to you afterwards.