Analog Lab 3 - General Questions

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You have questions about Analog Lab 3 ? You will likely find an answer here.

Improvement of the preset browser:

  • Possibility to filter by favorites
  • Possibility to delete Banks
  • Possibility to Import & Export playlists
  • New preset info panel layout
  • Possibility to filter per Categories

Improvement of the integration with Arturia MIDI Controllers:

  • Jump Category after multiple press on the Cat button
  • Navigation through playlists with midi controller
  • Navigate through InApp with midi controller
  • Multi performance improvement (Swap mode/Split point) through KLE
  • Pick-up Fader Mode added (None, Hook and Scale)

 A multi allows to combine two different sounds of the V Collection in one preset.

al3 multi presentation
  • The presets can be mixed or a zone of the keyboard can be dedicated to each sound.
  • You can mix the two presets to your convenience with separate volumes, FX sends and pan.

multi mix view

  • The Multi mode offers the possiblity to create macro controls and link up to 4 parameters of the two presets to a macro control.

al3 multi macro

Through Analog Lab, you have the possilbility to browse presets, but also and edit them further than the macro parameters if something is not to your taste.

Please note that access the instrument view and access all the instruments parameters requires to own the individual instrument license. This function is not accessbile if you don't own the instrument in question.

To access the instrument interface, here is how to proceed:

  • Select a preset
  • In the center of the instrument picture, click the "Edit Pencil"
al3 edit preset preset view

  • The instrument interface will then replace the preset browser.
al3 edit preset instrument view
  • From this view, you will have the possibility to access the instrument's parameters.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.