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A concert is a new concert introduced in Analog Lab 4.
The purpose of a concert is to let prepare a show, by packing a selection of songs inside of it.
To display the concert browser, click on the yellow Concerts button on the left of the interface.
The leftmost column will then show the available concerts list.


The Songs were previously named Playlists in Analog Lab 3.
It contains a series of presets that can be freely ordered to easily arrange your show.
In case you had created playlists in Analog Lab 3, all your playlists will be packed as songs in a dedicated Concert called Analog Lab 3 Playlists.


Each song is composed with several presets that can be carefully selected among the whole Analog Lab 4 factory database, plus your custom presets.
When importing a preset in a song, the preset is automatically duplicated as an Analog Lab 4 preset, allowing to modify it to perfectly fit your song, without overwriting the original one.
Stage Mode is a special mode introduced in Analog Lab 4 designed to help musicians performing live on stage.
This mode removes what performing musicians don't need on stage (preset browsing tags, modulation routing destinations or other sound design-related controls), which allows to make the remaining important on-screen features bigger and easier to see.

An important point is that the Stage Mode is read only.
So once this mode is enabled, you can focus on your performance without taking any risk to overwrite your concert, songs and presets.
The Multi presets are exclusive to Analog Lab and brings additional functionalities that are not available on single presets.
This means that as soon as a Single preset is saved as a Multi preset, it cannot be opened from an individual instrument anymore.

It lets you to select two sounds and combine them in one layer or split them across your controller keyboard for simultaneous playability.
On top of that, the Multi mode offers two FX sends per part, with two FX return tracks and one master track. Each FX return and Master track offers two effects slots.
One of the most amazing features introduced into Analog Lab 4 is its ability to recommend similar sounds using an artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
This system analyses all the sounds in your Analog Lab collection and makes recommendations based on sonic similarity.

To use this function, select a preset and click on the Preset recommendation icon.
This will initialise a scan of the preset.
Once the analysis has completed, a list of recommended presets will be displayed.
The Analog Lab store lets you browse, preview and purchase any of the amazing sound banks created by our talented sound designers.
It can be accessed by clicking on the Store icon on the top right of the interface.
Once in the store, you can either explore our selection of sound banks, or check the ones you already own from the My Library section.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.