Analog Lab 4 - Tips & Tricks

Please find below some Analog Lab 4 tips and tricks
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Analog Lab 4 benefits from a deep integration with our controller series.
Still, in case you own a controller from another brand, you have the possibility to manually map its controls to Analog Lab 4 functions.

MIDI learn with a generic controller.

1. From the bottom of Analog Lab 4 view, click on MIDI controller, select "Generic MIDI controller" and click on the Gears to open the MIDI settings.
2. The MIDI mappings lets you assign the navigations functions along with the interfaces controls to MIDI CCs.

As the Piano V1 and the B-3 V1 engines has been improved and replaced by the V2, the presets made with the old versions are hidden.

Include Legacy Sounds

To reveal them, click on the Analog Lab button, and check "Include Legacy Sounds"

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