Analog Lab V - General Questions

Analog Lab V is a plugin that combines thousands of world-class presets spanning dozens of timeless instruments, instant-access controls, and flawless integration - in one place.

It gives you instant access to the most iconic synth and keyboard sounds of all time, fresh from our award-winning V Collection.

Choose from a massive selection of best vintage & modern presets using intuitive smart-filter browsing, and breathe new life into your mix with the much-loved sounds of faithfully emulated classics.

Studio View

Step into the studio and color your sound. You can continue to tweak the integral controls of your preset, while getting more hands on with mixing, FX, and the order of your signal chain.

Library View

Your sound-searching platform. Browse your entire library of presets, with smart filtering and search options. Load a preset and immediately try it out, with an array of controls available in the same interface.

Stage View

Notes, controls, and setlist features combined to ensure that you’re fully prepped for your performance. Stage View offers an all-in-one interface so that you can enjoy your stage time without a hitch.

Analog Lab V contains over 2,000 incredible presets that come with the software.

A preset contains all the settings that produce a particular sound.

The main browser—which is always present and takes up much of the screen—is where you find your presets.

To load sounds, just click on any preset in the middle 'Results' column to load it.

The preset's details are displayed in the right column.

Each preset has been classified and tagged by its instruments, types, subtypes, styles, banks, sound store and designer.

/!\ Please notice that all all your Analog Lab 4 factory presets in the Factory bank.
However, as we reworked the whole Analog Lab FX engine for this new V version, your old presets can sound differently.

The Multi Mode allows you to take two sounds and combine them in a layer or split them across your controller keyboard for simultaneous playability.

In Analog Lab V, Multi Mode is accessible from all viewing modes: Library, Studio, and Stage.

You can also add independent effects to each sound such as delay, flanger, reverb, bitcrusher and overdrive, to name a few.

In the new interface of Analog Lab V, you can simply click or drag a preset that you want to combine with another one.

One of the most amazing features introduced into Analog Lab V is its ability to recommend similar sounds using an artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

This system analyzes all of the sounds in your Analog Lab V collection and makes recommendations based on sonic similarity.

Clicking the double notes icon brings up the prompt above.

Stage Mode has been designed to make live performances as hassle-free as possible, so you can simply enjoy the ride and not worry about your sound configuration when playing live.

It's the simplest representation of your instruments and the controls you chose to work with, so that when you perform, you don't need to worry about.

Analog Lab V is a new software application, and not an upgrade of Analog Lab 4.

However, we provide all the Analog Lab 4 users with a free Analog Lab V license.

You can easily install this new software directly from your ASC.


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If you'd like to gain access to all the Analog Lab 4 presets through Analog Lab V, please simply make sure that both Analog Lab 4 and Analog Lab V are installed on your computer.