Analog Lab V - Text To Speech

Text to speech makes Analog Lab V more accessible to persons with visual challenges.

With a MIDI controller connected and configured, Analog Lab V will verbally read what is displayed on the controller’s screen and/ or what parameter is being controlled when a knob, slider, or button is moved.

Note: it works with Arturia controllers, but also non-Arturia controllers.

You have three ways of activating the Text to Speech feature in Analog Lab. Two ways are through Analog Lab, one way is by using a KeyLab Essential Controller or a KeyLab MkII controller.

The first one is through Analog Lab itself using an Arturia MIDI controller:

  • First, make sure that your controller is connected and that the right controller is selected in the MIDI Section of the Side Panel.

  • Then, open the side panel by clicking on the gear icon.

  • settings
  • Once in the side panel, go in 'Settings', 'Global Settings', and then choose 'On' in the Text to Speech drop-down menu.

  • settings

You can now test it out and enjoy using Analog Lab !

The second one is by using a KeyLab Essential controler or a KeyLab MkII controler.

We will take the KeyLab Essential 49 as an example:

  • First, press Map Select and then Analog Lab.

  • settings

  • Hold the Category and Preset buttons on the KeyLab.

  • settings

  • Press the main encoder and release.

  • settings

  • Turn the main encoder

  • settings

  • Press the main encoder again to validate

You can now test it out and enjoy using Analog Lab !

The last one is by using a non-arturia MIDI Controller:

  • Select Generic 9 Knobs or Generic 9 Knobs + 9 Faders from the Midi Controller menu of the MIDI Tab in the Settings panel

  • settings

  • Click Add Control at the bottom of the MIDI assignments list to bring up the full menu of MIDI destinations, and assign encoders and buttons to the following parameters:

    • Navigate through presets: encoder

    • Select preset: button

    • Navigate through filters: encoder

    • Add/Remove filters: button

  • Then, MIDI Learn physical controls to the Performance Controls that are displayed.

You can now test it out and enjoy using Analog Lab!