Beatstep Pro - Hard Reset

/!\ Every information stored on the device will be reseted, such as projects, sequences and parameters /!\

Since the firmware update version, the Beatstep Pro can now be hard reseted with a standalone procedure.

This procedure may help if your unit behaves abnormally, and eventually fix bugs that could be encountered.

First, don't forget to use the save & export functions in the  Midi Control Center to backup:

  • Your Projects/Sequences 
  • Your device configuration

Second, here is how to hard reset your device:

  • Turn OFF your unit
  • Press and Hold the following buttons:  PRST LNK + << + >> + LST STEP 
  • Then turn ON the unit and continue to hold the buttons until the lights start blinking one by one.
  • Then you can release the buttons and wait for the process to complete.
Once your Beatstep Pro has been reseted, you can import your backed-up projects and start working again.