How to resell my product / license ?

1/ Navigate to the Reinstalling & Reselling contact form:

From the Arturia website, go the to Support section > Ask for Help and click on:

2/ Provide your product informations:

  • Serial

  • Unlock

01 Your product

3/ Provide the required informations about your request:

  • Precise the type of request: I want to resell my product

  • Mail of the new owner

02 Describe your issue

4/ Submit & let the support team take care of your request  03 Ask For Help

Once all the informations provided, the support team will be able to unregister the product from your account,
and then directly transfer it on the future owner one.    

If the new owner's informations are missing, the support team will just unregister the product form your account,

=> In this case, you will have to provide the Serial & Unlock code to the future owner.
He will then be able to register the product himself through this page:

Warning: When selling hardware products all the bundled licenses delivered along with it will be transferred as well