Pigments - Launch Offer

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Do you have questions about Pigments launch offer?
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

You can use Pigments for free until the 10th of January, 2019.
During this period, you can decide to purchase Pigments at any time, for a great introductory price.
No! The Pigments trial is just like the full version, but time-limited.
We want you to make sure it suits your workflow and creative process, before purchasing.

If you decide to purchase Pigments at the end of the free trial period, you won’t lose any presets or settings. It will carry on just the way it was before the trial stopped.
No, Pigments is a standalone software instrument.

The instruments of V Collection 6 aim to recapture the sound and reimagine the abilities of historical synth and keyboard legends. Pigments, on the other hand, is a totally new, original instrument.

However, we obviously want to reward and thank our faithful V Collection owners with an extra-special discount. If you own V Collection, login to MyArturia to see your personal offer.
During the launch period, we offer an exceptional price on Pigments:

  • For V Collection 6 owners: 69€/$ instead of 199€/$

  • For single license owners: 99€/$ instead of 199€/$

  • For new customers: 149€/$ instead of 199€/$

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