Rent to own with Splice

Some Arturia instruments are now available on Splice

These steps will guide you through the subscription and installation process.

Create a Splice account

To start a new lease, you will first need to create a Splice account.

Already an Arturia customer?
Make sure to share the same email address between your Splice and Arturia account !

Browse an Arturia Instrument

From Splice Plugins section, browse the instrument of your choice.

Start a free trial

Once you've picked an instrument, click on Start free trial to begin with the subscription process.

Fill your Payment information

Fill in your payment information, and click on Start for free to initiate the lease.

Note: You won't be charged for 3 days, with the possibility to cancel at any time before the first term.

Complete your Arturia Account

If your Splice account email doesn't match with an Arturia account, a shared account is automatically created after subscribing.
In this case, don't forget to check your email inbox to validate and complete your account.

Download and Install Splice App

After subscribing, you will be prompted with Splice Get Started steps.
These steps will let you download and install the Splice App.

Install the Arturia Software Center

Once logged in, the Splice app will let you install the Arturia Software Center.
You can also download it directly from here:
the ASC

Activate, Download and Install your instrument

From the Arturia Software Center, Log in to Activate, Download and Install your instrument.

More information about the activation process on this article: How to register and Activate

Need more information about Splice's rent to own conditions?
Please have a look at their FAQ