Split your software purchase in multiple instalments

As flexibility matters for musicians who are on a budget, our store now lets you split your payment in multiple instalments.

The Arturia monthly instalment plan is a solution that lets you split your software purchase payment in up to four instalments.

  • The first instalment is due on the purchase date. Once paid, it lets you start using your product to it's full potential.

  • Next payments are due every 32 days after the initial purchase, until all the instalments are completed.

  • Once the plan has been completed, you become the legitimate owner of the license.

Note that when opting for this solution, a flat 5$/€ processing fee is applied and charged on the first instalment.

Browse the software of your choice

From our webstore, browse the software of your choice and click the "Buy" button.

To check which products are eligible for a monthly installment payment, check the below tab called "Price and product eligibility requirements".

Split your payment and add to cart

You can split your payment in up to four instalments depending on the selected product.
Once you've selected the plan that best fits your needs, click the "Add to Cart" button.

Select or add a new card

Once in the cart page, please fill your Credit Card information or select an already registered card in the Braintree insert.

Note: Only credit card is available when opting for a monthly instalment plan.

Complete your first instalment

Once you have finished shopping, you can checkout and complete your first instalment.

Note: If your cart contains both monthly instalments and standard payment products, the total of the order will sum the first instalment(s) price plus the standard payment product price.

Start using your instrument

You can now open the Arturia Software Center to activate, download, and install your instrument.

Note: Offline activation is only available when the plan has been fully completed.

Complete the remaining instalments

The next payments are due every 32 days, until all the instalments are completed.
Once the plan has been fully completed, you become the legitimate owner of the license.

Price minimum requirement: 99$/€

The monthly instalments plans can only be accessed when the product price is above 99$/€.

Products eligibility: Virtual instruments and effects only.

Sound banks and hardware products cannot be purchased using a monthly instalment plan.
In case your credit card expires during a plan, you have the possiblity to update the credit card linked to your Arturia account.
To do that, please do as below:

Go to your MyArturia > MyAccount
And click "Add credit card"


Fill your new credit card information


Set the new card as Default

When an instalment fails to proceed, 3 additional attempts will occur after 1 day, 6 days, and 10 days.

In case all the additional attemps fail, the plan licenses are deactivated and a notification email is sent.

Note that you can reactivate your licence by contacting our support team.
They will ask you to regularize your due payments and then reactivate your license once it is done.

Note: Payments already passed and processed cannot be refunded.


You do not own the license until the plan has not been fully completed.
However, once all the instalments have been paid, you become the legitimate owner the license, giving you the right to resell it like any other regular license.

Need more information about our sales terms and conditions?
Please have a look at our terms of service