Clavinet V - General Questions

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You have questions about the Clavinet V ? You will likely find an answer here.

In this case, make sure:

  • The master volume is not set to 0

clavinet no sound master 0

  • The Amplifier Master volume is not set to 0

clavinet no sound amp master 0

  • The Tone switches are not all set to OFF

clavinet no sound tone off

Have you noticed the lever called mute ? This lever consideranlu reduce the sustain of the notes played, twisting the sound in a muted guitar style.

clavinet mute

When the Clavinet is opened, you will notice a range of potentiometers.
The potentiometer called "Dynamics" controls the response of the Clavinet to the MIDI notes velocity.

  • If you set Dynamics to 0, the notes played will always sound at the maximum velocity.
  • Whereas, if you set it to the maximum, it will scale to the velocity of the MIDI note received.
clavinet dynamics

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.