Delay Memory Brigade - General Questions

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BBD stands for "bucket brigade device".
The name comes from the world of firefighting, where firefighters would pass buckets of water from one person to another to extinguish a fire.
Similarly, a BBD is a type of circuit that passes an analog signal through a series of capacitors to achieve delayed echoes.
Each capacitor can be thought of as a “bucket”. Once it fills up, signal passes to the next capacitor introducing a delay to the original signal.


Input level

Adjusts the volume of the input signal. High values will saturate the preamp, adding color to the signal.

BBD Size

Specifies the length of the BBD delay buffer. This setting modify the range of the Delay Time knobs. Note that while in Sync mode, the BBD setting will limit the Delay Time values to 40.96 & 409.6ms (Min/Max) in Deluxe Mode and to 110 & 1100ms (Min/Max) in 1100 Mode.

Left/Right Delay

Adjusts the time between each echo. Each channel speed can be adjusted independently, linked together and synced to the DAW tempo.


Controls the regeneration of the echoes, going from a single repeat to self oscillation on highest values.

Stereo offset

Stereo Offset induces a timing offset between the two channels, creating a spacey stereo effect.

Stereo Width

Stereo Width accentuates or alleviates the stereo width of the signal sides.

Chorus/Vibrato Amount

Sets the amount of chorus or vibrato effect that will be applied to the delayed signal.

Echo Level

Adjusts the volume of the processed delay signal.


Sets the ratio of processed (wet) to unprocessed (dry) sound output from the plug-in.

Delay Mode

Determines how the input signal is processed.
It can either be Stereo, Ping-Pong or Mid/Side.

Input Equalizer

Lets you shape the input signal with a non-resonant high-pass and low-pass filter, plus a mid-range parametric equalizer.

Envelope Follower

The Envelope Follower tracks the amplitude of the input signal and uses this amplitude shape to modulate a destination parameter.


The Low Frequencey Oscillator lets you modulate a destination parameter with various waveforms and syncable rate.

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