DrumBrute Impact - General Questions

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The Color function allows to bring a variation on the sound of each instrument. (Except for the cowbell)

This feature can be used in two ways:

  • Toggle On/Off: Once turned on, this will change the global character of the voice.
    To enable the color on the instrument of your choice: Hold Color + Press the instrument pad

  • Per step: The color can also be sequenced, offering more complex grooves and variations possibilities.
    To enable the color on a step: Select an instrument, Hold Color and Press the step buttons of your choice.

To avoid confusion, slaved devices are usually not displaying the tempo.
So if your DrumBrute Impact is slaved, and if you notice slight fluctuations the tempo display, don't panic.
It's normal.

When receiving a clock, the DrumBrute Impact calculates the tempo from the pulses received.
If there is a bit of jitter between two pulses received, the tempo display may slightly vary.
However, as in most situation there is more than 24 pulses per quarter notes, the tempo is immediately and constantly re-adjusted.

keylab mkii ground isolator

DrumBrute Impact allows to change the metronome time division to your convenience from 1/4 to 1/32.
To do that, Hold the Metronome ON button and press Step 1 to 5.
The selected value will be blue highlighted.

Note: When holding Metronome ON, if no values are lit on steps 1 to 5, the metronome is in it's default division (1/4).

sync modes
The DrumBrute Impact can be synced using 4 different modes.
Depending of the mode selected, the DrumBrute Impact will be either Master or Slave.


  • INT (Internal) In this mode, DrumBrute Impact generates it's own clock and transmits it through USB, MIDI & Sync Out.       

SLAVE: In the following modes, the DrumBrute Impact will be slaved to the clock received, and won't start until it receives a clock + a Start message.

  • USB In USB mode, your DrumBrute Impact will be slaved by the midi clock coming from USB.
  • MIDI In MIDI Mode, your DrumBrute Impact will be slaved by the clock coming from an external midi device through MIDI Din.
  • CLK (Clock) In Clock mode, the DrumBrute Impact will be slaved an incoming Analog Clock through the Sync port.
The distortion circuit is located on the Master ouput only.
When plugging a cable in one of the separated ouputs, the concerned instruments are substracted from the mix output.
Consequently, the tracks outputting from the individual ouputs will not be processed by the distrortion circuit anymore.

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