DrumBrute Impact - Tips & Tricks

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sync modes

The DrumBrute Impact can be synced using 4 different modes.
Depending of the mode selected, the DrumBrute Impact will be either Master or Slave.


  • INT (Internal) In this mode, DrumBrute Impact generates it's own clock and transmits it through USB, MIDI & Sync Out.


In the following modes, the DrumBrute Impact will be slaved by the clock received and will transmit it. Note that it won't start until it receives a Clock + a Start message.

  • USB Responds to the midi clock coming from the USB port.
  • MIDI Responds to clock coming from the MIDI In port.
  • CLK Responds to the analog clock coming from the Sync port.

Here is a list of useful DrumBrute Impact shortcuts:


Shortcut Details

Playback Focus

<< + >> Displays & follow the pattern being read on playback.

Copy pattern

SHIFT + >> Copy the first pattern, can be repeated 3 times.

Change Metronome Time Division

Metronome ON + Step 1-5 To reset it to 1/4, press the selected step again

Shift a Step

Step + Swing In Step Mode & Accent mode only

Hard Reset
Song + Bank + Ptrn + Power On Delete all sequences and resets all parameters

Roller / Looper

Shift + Step 9 Sets touch strip to Roller or Looper.
Shift all instruments (time)

Shift + Swing
(Current Track OFF)

Shift all the instruments pattern from -50 to +50

Shift selected Instrument (time)

Shift + Swing
(Current Track ON)

Shift the select instrument only from -50 to +50

Enable Polyrhythm

Shift + Step 16

Allow each track to have a different step lenght


Shift + Step 15

Global Tempo or per pattern

To enable the Unquantized mode, press SHIFT + REC.

Once the unquantized mode is enabled, the grid will be turned off and will allow brutal grooves.

The Drumbrute Impect is able to receive Song / Bank / Pattern change messages.

To do that, here is the MIDI message nomenclature that must be used:

Function Midi Message Message Details
Select Song

Song Select
(System Common Message)

XX = Song Number

Song 01 = 00
Song 16 = 0F
Select Bank

MSB or Bank message

( 0 to 4 )
BY XX Y = Midi Channel

Channel 1 = 0
Channel 16 = F

XX = Bank

Bank 1 = 00
Bank 4 = 03
Select Pattern

Program change

( 0 to 16 )
CY XX Y = Midi Channel

Channel 1 = 0
Channel 16 = F

XX = Pattern

Pattern 1 = 00
Pattern 16 = 0F

Warning: You can't change the Bank / Pattern from a MIDI message if the Song Mode is enabled !

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