DX7 V - General Questions

Do you have questions about DX7 V? You will likely find an answer here.

Depending of the algorithm you are using, an operator can be:

  • Carrier (sound generator)
  • Modulator (modulates the frequency of the other operators)

On the DX7, each operator envelopes are controlling their respective VCA.
These envelopes have the particularity to able to end their cycle at a different value than 0.

This is very useful when used on a modulator as it allows to maintain a frequency modulation amount different than 0, even if the envelope cycle has ended.
However, if you apply this to a carrier, this will leave it's VCA opened and let you hear the sound of the operator.

Example: See the picture below.

dx7 stuck note
On this algorithm, the operators 1 and 3 are the carriers. (They generate the sound)

However, the last operator 3 envelope point doesn't reset to 0, which results in a infinite release note...

The original DX7 has a pretty particular way to re-allocate it's voices when reaching it's maximum polyphony as it doesn't re-allocate it's voices at all
On the DX7 V, we identically reproduced this behaviour.

On some presets, the maximum polyphony is set to only a few notes.
If sometimes you are frustrated by this behavior, simply raise the maximum polyphony count to higher values.

dx7 max poly count

DX7: It is the same as the original envelope, with four points. Each point has its own Rate and Level.

  • Rate = Time
  • Level = Amplitude

dx7 envelope dx7 classic
DADSR: A 6-stage envelope with:

  • Delay
  • Attack
  • Peak
  • Decay
  • Sustain
  • Release
dx7 envelope dadsr

MSEG: The multi-segment envelope can provide up to 16 points, with adjustable slopes, looping, synchronization and few templates.

dx7 envelope mseg

  • The Keyboard rate scaling is not compatible when sync is enabled.
  • The loop end cannot be set on the last envelope point
Per default, on the DX7:

  • The Modwheel is assigned to the LFO 2 amount (And the LFO 2 is assigned to control the tunning of the synth in order to create vibratos with the modwheel.)
dx7 mod matrix modwheel lfo2 am
Consequently, if your modwheel is at 0, the LFO 2 won't have any effect until:

  • Raise your modwheel.
  • Or unassign the modwheel form the LFO 2 amount
There are two things to know in this situation.

  • The loop end cannot be set on the last envelope point.
  • Any envelope point placed out of the grid lenght is inactive.
Consequencetly the last envelope point will be the last point inside the grid lenght only.

dx7 grid lenght

1. Loop End
2. Last effective envelope point
3. Points out of the grid lenght (Ignored)

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.